Six Views of the Egg of Time, V. I

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The book commonly known as The Egg of Time has fascinated the scholarly world like no other. How this book came by its common name is as much as mystery as the contents of the book or the Dwemer themselves. Although many scholars have claimed to have translated the book, the accuracy of these translations is hotly debated, and no consensus seems likely in the near future. Due to the timely interest in The Egg of Time, we invited several prominent Dwemer scholars to contribute short essays on the subject, which have now been collected and published here for the first time.

One of the most popular theories (probably based entirely on the drawings) is that the book is either a warning to the Dwarven people that Kagrenac’s actions may have dangerous consequences, or, as a few have argued, that the book satirizes this idea and claims Kagrenac’s plans will be harmless. These simplistic, pedestrian views are only dealt with in passing in this scholarly collection.

After the unfortunate events in Morrowind over the last year, and many rumors indicating that some kind of “heart” was found or destroyed, perhaps along with one or more of Kagrenac’s tools, the so-called Egg of Time has become a fashionable subject of debate. Unfortunately, many charlatans were quick to publish their own version of the book as well as entirely new “Dwemer” books. Indeed, not since the textual analysis that revealed Marobar Sul as another alias of Gor Felim have so many “Dwemer” books been exposed as forgeries. The emerging view that the Dwemer did not have books fails to explain The Egg of Time and Divine Metaphysics, the only two books that most scholars agree are genuine Dwarven creations. All the scholars in this collection based their articles on the pre-publication proofs of the University of Gwylim’s copy of The Egg of Time, which is widely considered authoritative.

Now let us introduce the scholars contributing to this volume. Zanir-jo is an influential member of the Mages Guild in Gideon and perhaps the foremost expert on ancient ruins in the Tenmar forest region. Some of his recent publications include Uncovering the Tenmar Ruin Moon Carvings, Records of a Lunar Alignment in 1E 20 RH 17, and A Tail of Two Kitties: The Smiler Rune and the Snarler Rune. Geor Elbert is a highly respected physician who has cured many unfortunate citizens of madness in the Wayrest Royal Asylum and is the author of An Illustrated Guide to Sheogorath. Titianus Pundus needs little introduction to modern scholars, having written such classics as To Seemingly Disappear: Splitting Infinities and Infinitives in Dwemeris; Poor, Poor Khajiit: Overuse of the Somber Optative in Third Era Ta’agra; and Should Gor Felim’s Plays Be Burned? An Impartial Judgement. I am proud to say that Emelin’s first publication is within these pages and would like to thank the Peregrine Archives for their most generous contribution. There follows a minor contribution by an Argonian of no reputation, which was only included due to the popularity of their theory in certain quarters. And of course Edwinna Elbert, the co-discoverer and foremost expert on The Egg of Time, finishes the collection with her comments on the theories as presented.

Due to the volume and high spirit of debate on this issue, we cannot forward mail to the authors.

Most Sincerely,

Philo Unmaterum

College of Historical and Philosophical Sciences

University of Gwylim

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