Silver Weapon Samples

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Here are the samples to show in Morrowind. We’ve got the silver and great forgemasters. They’ve got ghosts and undead. It’s the perfect partnership!

Prices very, very negotiable since the Imperial Mint stopped buying from Markarth. “Moving away from silver” they say. I don’t know what they’re thinking.

I’ll see if I can find more buyers for skooma here. The regulars are dead or in jail. You can just keep it on the ship until we find a buyer. No sense in selling at a loss. Still a good market for bug musk and that cheap chitin and leather they make. Not everyone can afford good Nord craftmansship.

One more thing. Stop taking passengers. I don’t care how much they pay. Anyone wanting to ride on a ship like yours is trouble.

And tell Sednasa I’ll be waiting for her.

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