AFFresh: Silt Strider Supplies

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When speaking to Darvame Hleran you can inquire about what a silt strider is which Darvame will send the player on a mission to gather a snack for it.


Darvame Hleran:

Silt Strider: This big bug behind me, outlander. It's called a silt strider. I drive from here to Balmora, Vivec, Suran, and Gnisis, carrying both passengers and cargo. For a modes fee. Speaking of my sil strider, I am short a few silt strider supplies.

Silt Strider Supplies: Yes, I could use about three units of scrib jelly to settle his stomach, what's left of it, and a piece of kwama cuttle to make into a paste for an injured knee. Scribs and Kwama Foragers are all over the Bitter Coast, so it shouldn't be too hard to find three of each.


The player goes out into the wilderness and collects these ingredients for Darvame.


Darvame Hleran:

Silt Strider Supplies: Do you have the kwama cuttle and scrib jelly?

-Not yet: If this is too difficult a task for an outlander, perhaps you'd be better off taking my strider to Balmora. I hear the Lucky Lockup caters to foreigners.

-Yes (Give Items): Thank you, (race). I appreciate it, and my strider appreciates it. I have several odd scrolls a Telvanni gave me. Perhaps you could make better use of this one.

Asking again: Thank you for brining me the supplies.


Darvame gives the player a scroll Eye of the Storm which casts slowfall on a creature/person. Could be useful in preventing falling mages from the sky.


After giving the items to Darvame a new NPC will approach the platform Nephata beginning her quest.


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