Gathering Force: A Show of Force

While the villages of my youth are burned, and the revolting hordes of the dead bring their filth to my homeland, I, Longinus Attius, vow a most blood-soaked vengeance. I join with the other champions of Tamriel, briefly ignoring the shortfalls of our own animosity, in a broad pact to chase down every unnatural and foul spawn of Molag Bal. Gil-Var-Delle has been consumed. The fetid breath of corruption threatens to smother us. We must strike at this present moment, instantly and with an unabashed fury not to be contained! Rise, my fellow warriors, and fight for your homes and your livelihood! The purity of your very soul depends on your actions of valor!

Those of the Fighters Guild know of me. They have heard whispers of my unrelenting dedication to the gathering and classifying of every dagger, bow, and helm from across our lands; every mace, hammer, and breastplate from Daggerfall to Archon, from Sunhold to Necrom. Some have become concerned about my dwindling personal fortune, spent not in the frivolous activities of the brandy drinker or the wench despoiler, but in the search for a complete knowledge of arms and armor. I stoke the fires of my forge, and my implements are impressive. I barter fiercely with merchants for their finest battle equipment. And now, as the great and the mighty gather on the charred soils of Cyrodiil, I appeal to my brethren and present my findings.

This book is the triumphant conclusion to my months of research. Proud and battle-scarred champions pay visit to my Rimmen Guildhall and reveal the favored arms and armor of their people. They gladly butcher an adversary for my sharpened charcoal. They bring sharp and violent gifts from their finest blacksmiths. But most importantly, they share with you, adept or veteran of the Fighters Guild, their sentiments on war. Such beliefs, not widely shared until these frightening and bloody days, are the crux of my exhaustive research. Now I may fight by my Dunmeri sister and my Argonian brother in the cataclysm to come. But I know I shall lie in wait for Arkay’s judgment with a smile and the knowledge I could do no more to help my fellow man or mer.

As Zenithar teaches us: Work hard, and you will be rewarded. Spend wisely, and you will be comfortable. But we also swear to Akatosh, sharing his embodiment of endurance, seeking his invincibility, and we shall rid the constellation of the Serpent to keep our everlasting legitimacy.

Stendarr protect us all.

Longinus Attius, 19th of Morning Star, 2E 578

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