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Shalidor, Archmage


Shalidor is the famous Archmage of the First Era who created the Labyrinthian in Skyrim. The Labyrinthian is known as the Archmage's testing ground and it still exists to these days. The great maze is also used to keep an artifact called Glamoril (The Secret of Life). Shalidor himself lived in a citadel called The Fortress of Ice.

"Tamrielic Artifacts" states that Shalidor once fought the Dwemer of The Rourken Clan. The Rourken Clan is one of the Dwemer clans that refused to make peace with the Chimer in the forming of the First Council in Velothi. Instead, they exile themselves out of the land, to the west, to Hammerfell. It's possible that during the long march to Hammerfell, the Rourken Clan clashed with Archmage Shalidor. The artifact Spellbreaker is the powerful Dwemeri shield that is used in the battle. The shield is able to reflect magicks or silencing any mage.

The Archmage Shalidor is also well known of his spell Shalidor's Mirror, which makes any offensive spells cast to the caster reflected back to the original caster.