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Shad Astula Academy roleplaying

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This is where You might roleplay in Shad Astula Academy. Its a bit like harry potter, only not hogwarts. I might occasionally post chapters of the Shad Astula Academy story i'm writing. Don't forget to add on to it!

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Chapter 1
Tap tap tap tap. My feet clicked against the ground. Tap tap tap. I paused to look at the huge academy. After a few moments, I continued along the stone pathway towards Shad Astula Academy, and I wondered why I was accepted into the Academy. I have no magic experience, no money, and I am definitely not part of the Ebonheart Pact! I have no family, friends, or anything. All I know is that a few days ago that I got a letter from the Academy courier and here I am! They even provided the textbooks! 
Suddenly, a dark figure appeared out of nowhere. "Ah!" I yelled. The figure smirked. 
"W-who are you?!" I stuttered. "I am Valen Telvanni, at your service, my lady." He calmly replied, smiling. I blushed. "And who might you be? A fellow apprentice, I assume?" He inquired. "Yeah. I'm Ryshia. Nice to meet you." I whispered. "Hiya!" What was that?! I thought. Soon after I heard the voice, a young man appeared, laughing. "Alix. What are you doing here?" Valen asked in disgust. "Heh heh. Just stoppen' by! Who's this? A new student? Cool!" He laughed. "Her name is Ryshia. Have some respect for once in your miserable lifetime." Valen huffed. "Hey! What the hell dude!" Alix shouted. Suddenly a huge fireball flew past Alix's head. "Whoa!" Alix joked. "Come back here you freakin' PERVERT! When I get ahold on you, I swear, you are gunna BEG for death!!" A girl screamed as she ran towards us. "Thats REAL convincing there, Aelva." He mumbled as he disappeared. 
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These are the "people profiles" so that you guys can better add to the story.

Name: Ryshia
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown (She doesn't know that she is Sheogorath's daughter, but she is a daedra. [She still doesn't know until I put in the letter from her mother.])
Sign: The Serpent
Personality: Funny and smart. Can be shy.
Description: Very beautiful. Silver hair and deep purple eyes. Very pale skin; almost white. 
Name: Valen Telvanni
Gender: Male
Race: Dunmer
Sign: The Lord
Personality: Dark and mysterious. Very gentlemanish.
Description: Dark black hair and deep red eyes. Has daedric runes branded on his shoulder (They spell "Lord")
Name: Alix Jodoin
Gender: Male
Race: Breton
Sign: The Ritual
Specialty: ILLUSION
Personality: Clever and lucky. A bit of a perv.
Description: Brown hair and eyes. 
Name: Aelva
Gender: Female
Race: Imperial/Dunmer
Sign: The Steed
Personality: Hot-tempered and forgetful
Description: Raven black hair, pale skin, and ice blue eyes.  
Also, when adding a person to the story, make a profile for them and post it.
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Also, heads up. When summoning, these are the only things you can summon for now.

Summon Clannfear 
Summon Daedroth 
Summon Dark Seducer
Summon Dremora 
Summon Flame Atronach 
Summon Frost Atronach 
Summon Golden Saint 
Summon Hunger 
Summon Scamp 
Summon Storm Atronach 
Summon Winged Twilight