Sellonus’s Confession

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sellonus

Book added by Dawnfang & Duskfang from the Creation Club

7th of Mourning Star, 4E 171

My son, I do not have long for this world, but before the winter night embraces me, I would confess a great regret that has burdened my heart for many years.

Long ago, my brethren and I were commissioned to hunt down and ensnare a dark and powerful renegade captain. A man who, once a proud soldier, had become corrupted by a powerful artifact, and turned to great darkness of deed. We fulfilled our commission, but not without great cost, for I alone managed to survive the encounter.

But, in the many years that have followed this venture, I have often wondered if our deed in ensnaring him was equally evil. For with our combined enchantments, we have bound him to an eternity of misery, for we bound him to the guardianship of the very thing that drove him insane, the artifact. A powerful weapon that now, despite his yearning for it, he cannot yield while he lives.

It is a cruel fate for a once great man, for he was just that until grief and anger laid him bare to such utter corruption and malice. That story is a sad tale indeed.

But now, these many years on, my heart sees the truth, and I would undo that which was done and free him from his misery. But alas, it is too late for me to take on such a quest. Therefore I pray that you, my son, will do this task in my stead. I beg you as a father’s last wish, seek him out and set him free.

Your father,


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