Seedy Guards Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Book added by Sunder & Wraithguard from the Creation Club

Telvanni handed the cargo off to us at the checkpoint. They seemed a bit on edge but they aren’t sharing details exactly, just that they were attacked by Dwarven machines. Bunch of useless fetchers, all of them.

We also had a surprise visit from the Hlaalu caravan. The whole crew was an odd bunch. More scholars and farmers than warriors I’d say, but a few were just my type. I tried to chat it up with a fetching raven-haired girl, but she kept those sultry red eyes fixed on the cargo as it changed hands.

In any case, the main package is secured, but there’s fear it was damaged during transport. Oddly the Hlaalu captain didn’t seem too concerned about it. He and the boss talked for a bit by themselves. I tried my luck with the raven-haired tart once more, and she told me her name was Velyne. She asked whether Captain Inodes would be at the next checkpoint. I told her no, but the truth is I didn’t even know. I don’t know why she cared anyway, their cargo is a decoy.

The real package is going to Indoril at the next stop. Once that’s delivered, I’m hearing we might stop for a day or two in Whiterun to get our bearings. The captain of the Indoril caravan is a Nord, and he mentioned heading over to the Hall of the Dead to pay his respects. That’s fine, I’ll be paying mine at the tavern. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to buy sweet little Velyne a drink.

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