Seducers Bandit leader’s Journal

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Book added by Saints and Seducers from the Creation Club

Dark work, this, but does it ever pay well. Once every few days, a merchant comes galloping through, defenseless as a babe. We Seducers always do our good deed, and lighten their load before we let them pass. It’s the least we can do.

Moving north was the best thing we ever did. Leave Ri’saad to the milk drinkers of Whiterun or as they call themselves, the Saints. They’re probably still hounding him on the road to Markarth.

Svarig is behind on his visit. I wonder if his path from the west was more treacherous than usual.

We need a change in our fortunes. If we don’t get paid soon, I fear the others might not stay much longer. Hopefully this new lead pans out.

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