Second Letter to the Mages Guild, Draft Copy

To: Grivier Adrad, Second Secretary to Archmagister Emeritus Vanus Galarion
From: Irnard Rirnil, Adept
Regarding: Work at the Scholarium

Greetings to the secretary and the archimagister!

Thank you for the tomes included in the last shipment. They have been most useful in helping us translate and cross-check many of the editions we have already uncovered. We have found tomes in Old Aldermeris, Atmoran, Yokudan, the Nedic languages, and even variations of Orcish. We’ve even uncovered metal plates covered with Dwemer runes, but confirming this and deciphering them will require extensive research.

Work proceeds slowly on the cataloging and translation of the works. Part of it is due the environment—the Scholarium itself has been plagued with high humidity and water damage, and many of the more ancient volumes are in perilous condition, suffering from decay.

In addition, there was a plague of booklice and paper weevils in the western wing that has damaged some irreplaceable volumes. This is no doubt a function of the lengthy period the Scholarium spent in the Shivering Isles! I’ve attached (in a separate message) a new copy of my treatise on Daedric realms and their impact on Nirnian pest creatures. I’m sure you’ll find it a most enjoyable read!

I have also passed along a request (sent by separate messenger) for a variety of cleansers and preservation supplies. Arresting the immediate damage is only part of the current challenges, as even the most pristine books are in a delicate condition, and we must take utmost care in their protection.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter. May Magnus watch over us.

Irnard Rirnil, Adept

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