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Second Era


2E 1

Potentate Versidue-Shaie, a Tsaesci of Akavir, has taken over the Cyrodiilic empire after the assassination of the last of the Reman Dynasty.
Source: Mysterious Akavir

2E 12

Tjurhane Fyrre, an Ayleid sage of the University of Gwylim, published "Nature of Ayleidic Poesy". He is known as one of the Ayleids that speaks freely of his people and religion.
Source: On Wild Elves

2E 101 Muhay at-Turna, an aprentice Star Gazer, accidentally discovers the ruins of Kardala in Craglorn.
Source: The Unearthing of Kardala
2E 120 Beginning of the reign of Viana the Pure as baroness of Lainlyn.
Source: Ghraewaj and the Harpies
2E 129 A researcher uncovers a recording device in the Dwemer ruin of Mzulft.
Source: Mzulft Researcher's Journal
2E 148 Presumed death of Viana the Pure.
Source: Ghraewaj and the Harpies
c. 2E 200 The reign of Mane Zebiden-jo in Elsweyr
Source: Elder Scrolls Online dialog

2E 227

Death of Tjurhane Fyrre.
Source: On Wild Elves.

2E 230

The first Mages Guild is formed by Vanus Galerion the Mystic and Rilis XII in Firsthold, as an answer to the reluctance of the Psijic Order to deal with Mannimarco, the leader of the Necromancers. In the following centuries, the Guild spreads all over Tamriel.
Source: Galerion the Mystic, Origin of Mages Guild, Imperial Charter of the Guild of Mages, Mannimarco, King of Worms

Around this time, the Isle of Artaeum vanishes from the shores of Summurset Isle. It returns approximately 500 years later, but nobody can offer any explanation for the island's whereabouts during that time, or the fate of Iachesis and the original council of Artaeum.
Source: Fragment: On Artaeum

2E 231

The knightly Order of the Lamp is formed to support and protect the newly formed Mages Guild.
Source: Origin of Mages Guild

2E 283

Potentate Versidue-Shaie faces rebellions throughout the Empire. At the Imperial Council meeting of Bardmont, he declares universal martial law and forces rulers to give up their armies. Most of the princes resist and bloody wars erupt throughout Tamriel. Over the next decades, the Potentate slowly manages to crush all other armies, but in doing so drains the Imperial treasury and creates chaos and poverty in the subjugated regions.
Source: History of the Fighters Guild, First Edition

2E 301 The kingdom of Camlorn is founded.
Source: Mystery of Talara
2E 307 The Menevia Catacombs in High Rock are abandoned following the Ghost Harrowing of the same year.
Elder Scrolls Online loading screens

2E 309

Anequina and Pellitine are united to form the state of Elsweyr.

Keirgo of Ne Quin-al and Eshita of Pa'alatiin marry, uniting their kingdoms. Various classes and tribes among the Khajiit are dissatisfied with the division of power, though some of the political division begins to mend, and the conflict almost necessitates intervention from the already burdened Empire. Peace is restored by the Mane, the spiritual leader of the Khajiit, who creates a rotating system of power based on the phases of the moons.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire (1st Edition): Elsweyr, Anequina and Pellitine: An Introduction

2E 311 The Mane unveils the Riddle'Thar Epiphany. This revelation is a key event in contemporary Khajiiti theology.
Elder Scrolls Online loading screens

2E 320

Dinieras-Ves, a Tsaesci warlord, forms an order of mercantile warriors-for-hire, used by nobility in lieu of a standing army. Briefly known as The Syffim, it later became the Fighters Guild.
Source: History of the Fighters Guild, First Edition

2E 321

Ratification of the Guild Act, which officially sanctions the guilds of Mages and Fighters, as well as those of various other professions.
Source: History of the Fighters Guild, First Edition, Imperial Charter of the Guild of Fighters

2E 324

The Morag Tong assassinates Potentate Versidue-Shaie in his Senchal palace, and is outlawed as a result. Savirien-Chorak, the son of Potentate Versidue-Shaie, continues the Akaviri rule over Tamriel.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition: Cyrodiil, The Brothers of Darkness

2E 336 Khajiiti rebels sack Ne Quin-al, killing most of the royal dynasty.
Source: Anequina and Pellitine: An Introduction

c. 2E 358

Earliest traces of a conflict between the Dunmer Morag Tong and a new, more interregional splinter organization that is less strict in its procedures for selecting and accepting contracts.
Source: The Brothers of Darkness, Fire and Darkness

2E 388 A monument to Saint Stental is constructed.
Source: Saint Stental
c. 2E 395 Morian Zenas comes to the Imperial city to help set up the Arcane University.
Source: Racial Motifs
2E 401 King Anton of Daggerfall is coronated on the 17th of Hearthfire.
Source: Journal of Magiul Shiana, Elder Scrolls Online
2E 406 A scandal rocks the Camoral court of Valenwood after it is discovered that the town of Cormount may hold dozens of heirs to the Camoran throne. The little town nearly doubles its population within one week, and weddings become a daily occurrence. Bosmer from outside Valenwood migrate to the area and found a new village named New Joy.
Source: The Rise of Cormount
2E 408 Queen Sylvie, mother of King Anton, dies on the 11th of Rain's Hand.
Source: Journal of Magiul Shiana
2E 409 King Anton of Daggerfall survives an assassination attempt. His senechal does not, and the palace's head cook, Magiul Shiana, is appointed as his replacement.
Source: Journal of Magiul Shiana
2E 412 First mention of the name Dark Brotherhood, in the journals of Blood Queen Arlimahera of Hegathe.
Source: The Brothers of Darkness
2E 418

Doctor Alfidia Lupus is appointed Imperial  Ethnographer for Potentate Savirien-Chorak.
Source: Racial Motifs

Abnur Tharn, future High Chancellor of the Empire, is born.
Chronicles of the Five Companions

cira 2E 420 The four grand mercantile houses of Abah's Landing begin to take shape. Over time, they become major criminal enterprises and rule the city.
Source: Abah's Landing Merchant Lords, V. 1
2E 420 The settlement of New Joy is burned to the ground due to tensions between the native Wood Elves of Cormount and the imperialized migrants of New Joy.
Source: The Rise of Cormount
2E 425 An assassin attempts to poison King Anton. Both Magiul and his wife partake of the poisoned food, and she soon dies. The king remains unharmed.
Source: Journal of Magiul Shiana
2E 428 A werewolf crisis known as the Curse of the Crimson Moon raveges High Rock. Adeliza Silver-Axe founds the Order of the SIlver Dawn after she is forced to kill her son, who had been infected with lycanthropy.
Source: Purifier's Journal

2E 430

Potentate Savirien-Chorak, along with every one of his heirs, is murdered by the Dark Brotherhood. With the line of the Potentates extinguished, the Second Empire is left leaderless and quickly begins to dissolve due to civil wars and insurrection. This marks the beginning of the period known as the Interregnum. Note that the first Pocket Guide to the Empire marks these events as taking place in 431.
Source: The Brothers of Darkness, Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition: Cyrodiil, Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition: All the Eras of Man, Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition: Cyrodiil

2E 431

The Orcish kingdom of Orsinium is once again sacked and loses the status of Imperial territory. Baron Fulvert Guimard is elevated to the status of Duke for his martial exploits during the sack of the city.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition: The Wild Regions, Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition: Orsinium, The Royal House of King Eamond

Doctor Alfidia Lupus' tenure as Imperial Ethnographer comes to an end.
Source: Racial Motifs

Magiul Shiana, seneschal to the king of Daggerfall, dies. Somehow, he is able to remain as a ghost, serving his king for all eternity.
Source: Journal of Magiul Shiana

 2E 432 Cavor Merula, warrior-priest of Akatosh, establishes the most recent incantation of the Order of the Hour as a response to the recent rise of the Longhouse Emperors. Justia Desticus and Rusio Olo are two influential founding members.
Source: Order of the Hour , Statue of Rusio Olo, Statue of Justia Desticus
2E 434

King Maxevian of Shornhelm establishes a 5-year mandatory station at Watcher's Hold, to protect the kingdom's borders against any Orcish uprisings following the latest distribution of Orsinium. An alternate letter instead has Queen Prolyssa of Daggerfall establishing this order.
Source: King Maxevian's Orders, Letter from Queen Prolyssa

c. 2E 435

Following the fall of Orsinuium, an Orc chieftain named Yashnag establishes a new Orcish kingdom in Falkreath Hold in Skyrim. The king of West Skyrim, Svartr, cannot hold back the Orcs or Reachmen in his kingdom.
Source: Orcs of Skyrim

The Lamia Invasion. The invasion is preceded by a large storm believed to have originated on Tempest Island.
Source: Maormer Correspondence Vol. 2

2E 437 The Order of the Black Worm infest Kvatch. Rusio Olo of the Order of the Hour is instrumental in stopping them.
Source: Statue of Rusio Olo
2E 442 The knights of Watcher's Hold stop receiving letters from Daggerfall. Some attempt to leave, and are whipped for their sedition.
Source: Ruined Watchmaster's Journal
2E 450 King Anton of Daggerfall dies. His seneschal's ghost is locked up in the tomb with him.
Source: Journal of Magiul Shiana
2E 455 Homfrey, a historian at the University of Gwylim, publishes his treatise on the Ayleid diaspora in Valenwood
Source: Ayleid Cities of Valenwood
2E 458 Supplies at Watcher's Hold dwindle.
Source: Letter to King Maxevian
2E 459 Officers at Watcher's Hold attempt to mutiny, and are executed by the Watchmaster.
Source: Ruined Watchmaster's Journal
2E 460 The Watchmaster and Quartermaster of Watcher's Hold lie to the garrison in order to maintain morale. They forge a letter from King Maxevian's heir, stating that they must maintain their garrison indefinitely. The soldiers have begun marrying and abandoning military readiness.
Source: Ruined Watchmaster's Journal
2E 461 Vastarie, a necromancer formerly of Mannimarco's cult, traps her husband in a prison after he turns their dead son into a golem.
Source: Vastarie's Journal
2E 465 Abnur Tharn first becomes advisor to the Emperor.
Chronicles of the Five Companions
2E 466-467 A blight devastated the crops wheat crops of the Gold Coast, leading to riots in Kvatch.
Source: Order of the Hour
2E 467

Yashnag is slain by Hakkvilld Yashnag-Slayer, and the new Orcish kingdom crumbles.
Source: Orcs of Skyrim

Bread riots break out in Kvatch as peasants attempt to burn the Temple of Akatosh. Sister Severa of the Order of the Hour, the militant arm of the temple of Akatosh, kill half the mob before a single torch can be thrown.
Source: Order of the Hour

2E 470 The Watchmaster of Watcher's Hold dies, leaving the Quartermaster, Gisbourne, in charge of the garrison.
Source: Ruined Watchmaster's Journal
2E 480 The Prelate of Akatosh authorizes the Order of the Hour to act as an army in times of religious emergency.
Source: Order of the Hour
2E 481 A tourists' guide to the Dunmeri capital of Mournhold is published.
Source: A Pocket Guide to Mournhold

2E 486

A Maormeri assault force is spotted off the coast of Alinor, and chased back by the Altmeri fleet to their homeland of Pyandonea. This proved to be a trap that destroyed all but one of the Altmeri ships.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire 3rd Edition: Pyandonea.

2E 489 The Blacksap Movement is founded in Cormount. It aims to formalize the Green Pact to prevent misunderstandings in its application.
Source: The Rise of Cormount
2E 512 Underpall cave, containing Underpall Keep and the Sword of the Crusader, collapses in on itself.
Source: Elder Scrolls Online loading screens
2E 521 King Emeric Cumberland, future king of Wayrest, is born.
Source: Triumphs of a Monarch, Chapter 3
2E 522 King Hurlburt ascends to the throne of Shornhelm.
Source: Shornhelm, Crown City of the North
2E 532 Prince Phylgeon, son of King Hurlburt, is born. He has an older, illegitimate brother named Ranser.
Source: Shornhelm, Crown City of the North
2E 540 The Order of the Hour saves Primate Phrastus from assassination.
Source: Order of the Hour
2E 541 Chancellor Aubnur Tharn discovers the "Scroll of Precursor Saints" in the vaults below the White-Gold Tower. It claims to disprove the Tharn's connection to a famous massacre in the 1st era.
Source: House Tharn of the Nibenay
2E 541-542

Durcorach The Black Drake and his Reachmen ravages High Rock, sacking the cities of Evermore and Camlorn, besieged Wayrest, and marched as far as the gates of Daggerfall. The first Daggerfall Covenant is formed to repel the invasion - it consists of the kingdoms of Daggerfall, Wayrest, Camlorn, Evermore, and Shornhelm.

King Heseph Moile, of Evermore, dies in the sack and Duke Blaise Guimard is elected king for his role in retaking the city.

Source: The Royal House of King Eamond, Guide to the Daggerfall Covenant

2E 545 The Bonestap goblin tribe occupies the Moravagarlis ruin, preventing further Mages Guild excavation at the site. Prior to leaving, the excavators reported a "sense of wrongness," and experienced bad dreams.
Source: Mysteries of Moravagarlis

2E 546

Jorunn, future High King of Skyrim and leader of the Ebonheart Pact, is born to Queen Mabjaarn Flame-hair. He spends his youth studying as a bard and traveling Tamriel, and is nicknamed the Skald Prince.
Source: Jorunn Skald the King

King Hurlburt of Shornhelm dies. The succession is unclear, with both Prince Phylgeon, Hurlburt's legitimate son, and Prince Ranser, an illegitimate one, laying claim to the throne. After a narrow vote, Ranser is elected king.
Source: Shornhelm, Crown City of the North

Circa 2E 547

"Arcturian Heresy" records that Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal, a Snow Demon King of Kamal (in Akavir), attempts to invade Morrowind. The Underking (who is here Wulfharth, rather than Zurin Arctus) and Almalexia halt his efforts at Red Mountain.
Source: Arcturian Heresy

2E 551 A fight breaks out between houses Tamrith and Montclair when they disagree about the ownership of a gravesite in the Sanguine Barrows. This incident becomes known as the Bloody Funeral.
Source: The Barrows of Westmark Moor

2E 555

Ayrenn, future Queen of Summurset and ruler of the Aldmeri Dominion, is born on the 5th of Second Seed to King Hidellith and Kinlady Tuinden. The date (5/5/555) is considered auspicious, and her birth is supposedly celebrated for 55 days.
Source: Ayrenn – The Unforeseen Queen

2E 560-2E 601

The Knahaten Flu plagues south east Tamriel, destroying human tribes in Black Marsh and much of the Khajiiti population. The Argonians are immune to the plague, leading to speculation, not entirely discredited by modern researchers, that a genocidal Argonian mage created the plague.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire (1st Edition): The Wild Regions, Pocket Guide to the Empire (1st Edition): Elsweyr.

2E 561

The Knahaten Flu breaks out in Stillrise Village, a Kothringi town in Black Marsh. The residents make a deal with Clavicus Vile in a misguided attempt at a cure.
Source: Knahaten Flu Confirmed, A Final Appeal, Elder Scrolls Online gameplay

The biggest Orichalcum deposit in history is discovered in near Wayrest. The Knahatten flu sweeps through the city, killing the entire royal household. Emeric, of house Cumberland, is elevated to the throne.
Source: Guide to the Daggerfall Covenant

Royal Camoran Fishing Tournament is held, an engraved gold trophy shaped like a leaping trout is the prize.
Source: Elder Scrolls Online

The Order of the Hour, militant arm of the Temple of Akatosh in Kvatch, rescues a caravan of priests and pilgrims from bandits.
Source: Order of the Hour

2E 563

A ship filled with Kothringi seeking to escape the Knahaten Flu sets out from Black Marsh. After unsuccessfully trying to find safe harbor, it sets out west across the Abeccean Sea and is never seen again. This is commemorated in the Iliac Bay with a holiday known as the Day of Shame.
Source: Daggerfall Chronicles.

Ayrenn disappears on her way to a ceremony. Her brother, Prince Naemon, is named the heir to the throne of the Summerset Isles.
Source: Ayrenn – The Unforeseen Queen

Emeric is crowned King of Wayrest.
Source: Triumphs of a Monarch, Chapter 6

c. 2E 565

The Knahaten Flu hits Elsweyr in full force, leading to instability in the region.

The four criminal syndicates of Abah's Landing take a step back from public dealings, though the continue to operate in secret.
Source: Abah's Landing Merchant Lords, V. 1

2E 565

Naemon, crown prince of the Summurset Isles, is matriculated to the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth.
Source: Ayrenn – The Unforeseen Queen


Silvenar Rangers win the Mammoth-Ball championship.
Source: Elder Scrolls Online

2E 566

King Emeric of Wayrest marries Princess Maraya of Sentinel instead of Rayelle, princess of Shornhelm. King Ranser, Rayelle's father, feels betrayed and launches a rebellion against Wayrest. The Second Daggerfall Covenant is formed to fight Ranser's War, consisting of the Breton kingdoms of Camlorn, Evermore, Daggerfall, and Wayrest, as well as Orsinium and Sentinel. Ranser besieges Wayrest, but is eventually defeated at the Battle of Markwasten Moor.
Source: Guide to the Daggerfall Covenant, The Fury of King Ranser

Astinia Isauricus' Gold Coast Guide is published.
Source: Gold Coast Guide

2E 567

King Emeric creates the Daggerfall Covenant between his High Rock, the Hammerfell kingdom of Sentinel, and the Orcish Orsinium.
Source: Introduction to the Lore of the Elder Scrolls Online

2E 568

Brother Annulus writes Annals of the Dragonguard

Bonorion the Wanderer chronicles his observations of the Mabrigash
Source: Legend of the Ghost Snake

King Blaise of Evermore dies. He is succeeded by King Eamond.
Source: The Royal House of King Eamond

2E 572

Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal attacks north-eastern Tamriel. For unknown reasons his armies bypass Morrowind and land on the White River of Skyrim. Skyrim's Queen Mabjaarn and crown princess Nurnhilde are killed in the defense of Winterhold, and Jorrun is named king. Jorunn requests help from the Graybeards, who once again summon Wulfharth. Meanwhile, the Akaviri proceed south into Morrowind, where they are met at Stonefalls by the armies of Almalexia. Together, the Nords, Dunmer, and Argonians fight off the invaders. Vivec teaches his people to breath water before he floods Morrowind to eradicate all Akaviri invaders.

Following the Akaviri defeat, the alliance persists as the Ebonheart Pact, ruled over by the newly-crowned King Jorrun and the Great Moot.
Source: Varieties of Faith in the Empire, Jorunn Skald the King, The Second Akaviri Invasion

2E 573 Emperor Leovic commissions the first Emperor's Guide to Tamriel. It features a pro-Reachman stance to appease the Emperor's heritage.
Source: Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: Cyrodiil
2E 576

Euraxia Tharn becomes Queen of Rimmen following the Frostfall Coup.

Euraxia Tharn, younger half-sister of Chancellor Aubnur Tharn, is sent to Rimmen on a diplomatic mission. After she is welcomed by King Hemakar, she and her Nibenese mercenaries execute the royal family and take control of the city. She consolidates her power over Northern Elsweyr from Rimmen to Riverhold using a combination of mercenary forces and necromancer allies.
Source: House Tharn of the Nibenay, The Frostfall Coup

Nuros Raloro, a Tribunal scholar, uncovers and publishes Benorion's observations on the Mabrigash, despite doubts about their validity.
Source: Legend of the Ghost Snake

2E 576

Varen's Rebellion.

Following the legalization of Daedra worship by Emperor Leovic of the Longhouse Emperors, Varen Aquilarios, the Duke of Kvatch, leads a rebellion against the dynasty, eventually overthrowing them and crowning himself Emperor. To legitimize his rule, he and his four companions set out to find the Amulet of Kings.
Source: Chronicles of the Five Companions 1

The city-states of the Gold Coast begin building a massive fortification known as Varen's Wall to separate their region from the Colovian Highlands. The Imperial Prefect of Anvil and Count Ephrem Benirus of Anvil send Imperial troops to attack Kvatch, which is ruled by Varen's nephew, Carolus. They are repelled four times. Following Varen's rise to the throne, Carolus becomes Count of Kvatch.
Source: Pirate Queen of the Gold Coast, The Wolf and the Dragon

2E 577

Under Anvil's Fortunata ap Dugal, the Gold Coast declares independence from the Empire.

Varen's Wall is completed. Fortunata ap Dugal, a shipping magnate from the Gold Coast Trading Company, takes advantage of local rebellions and weakened forces due to attacks on Kvatch to defeat the remains of the Imperial Navy in Anvil. She easily takes control of the city and declares herself Provincial Governor. She then declares the Gold Coast an independent state apart of the Empire, despite Kvatch not wanting to join her.
Source: Pirate Queen of the Gold Coast, The Wolf and the Pirate Queen

2E 578

Kvatch becomes part of the independent Gold Coast.

Following the Soulburst (see below), Governor Fortunata of Anvil attempts to first persuade Kvatch to join her independent Gold Coast and then annexes them by force. Although Kvatch's Count Carolus Aquilarios initially resists her attacks, his legions are wiped out in the Gottshaw Massacre and Kvatch becomes part of the independent Gold Coast.
Source: The Wolf and the Pirate Queen

Chancellor Aubnur Tharn commissions a new version of the Emperor's Guide to Tamriel. A nobleman and painter named Flaccus Torentius is assigned to the task.
Source: Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: Author Foreward

The Wood Orc Chief Orhg is hung in Vulkwasten.
Source: Elder Scrolls Online

The first performance of The Cannonreeve's Conundrum, on the first Fredas of Rain's Hand.
Source: The Cannonreeve's Conundrum

2E 578-579

The Soulburst occurs and Molag Bal starts to draw Nirn into his realm of Cold Harbour. Dark Anchors, similar to Oblivion Gates, begin to appear across Tamriel. The Imperial City is secretly ruled by Bal's followers, and Mannimarco, his lieutenant, controls the Arcane University through his Worm Cult. Emperor Varen disappears, and, in his absence, Clivia Tharn, consort to both Emperors Leovic and Varen, is appointed regent.

"An arcane explosion in the Imperial City set off aftershocks in every corner of Nirn. Mages died or went mad. Disasters and freakish weather lashed every province of Tamriel. Red Mountain flared and trembled in Morrowind, earthquakes shook Skyrim, and massive storms devastated the coastlines of Elsweyr and Valenwood. The constellation of the Serpent reappeared in the skies and grew so large that it seemed to threaten every star sign at once."

All this is the result of an attempt to legitimize the rule of Varen Aquilarios as Emperor by performing a modified lighting of the Dragonfires. Instead, Mannimarco, one of Varen's advisors, corrupted the ritual to gain power for himself and his master, Molag Bal.

Documents can't seem to agree on the date of this event, listing it as either 578 or 579. We have chosen to assume that it took place over the course of those two years.

Source: Introduction to the Lore of the Elder Scrolls Online, Chronicles of the Five Companions 1, Triumph of a Monarch: Chapter 10

2E 579 Nicolas, guildmaster of the Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing, pens a journal outlining his rise to power, the new tenants of the guild, and his ambition to unionize thieves across Tamriel.
Source: Loremasters Archive - Messages from Hew's Bane
2E 580 King Hidellith of Summurset dies. Before Naemon, his son and heir apparent, can take the throne, Ayrenn returns to claim her birthright. She is crowned Queen on the 7th of Frost Fall. She establishes the Aldmeri Dominion in the same year.
Source: Ayrenn – The Unforeseen Queen
2E 582

The Three Banners War. The Aldmeri Dominion (Alinor, Valenwood, Elsweyr), Daggerfall Covenant (High Rock, Hammerfell, Orsinium), and Ebonheart Pact (Morrowind, Skyrim, Black Marsh) fight over the Ruby Throne, while Molag Bal attempts to pull Nirn into Cold Harbour.Valenwoods is frequently raided by Colovians, and Elsweyr by the Nibenese.
Source: Introduction to the Lore of the Elder Scrolls Online

These events are part of the plot of Elder Scrolls Online.

Following the distruction of their old headquarters, the Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing establish a new one.
Source: Loremasters Archive - Messages from Hew's Bane

2E 603

Last documented case of the Knahaten Flu.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

2E 612

Dram's last incarnation is born. He is the assassin that works under Amiel Richton in Stros M'Kai, and the nemesis of Cyrus in the TESA: Redguard.
Source: The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard Website.

2E 638

The Mages Guild of Stros M'Kai is fully chartered.
Source: The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.

c. 2E 730 The isle of Artaeum returns following 500 years of absence.
Source: Fragment: On Artaeum

2E 798

S'rathra is born. He is the future Wayrest syndicate boss of Cyrus.
Source: The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard Website.

2E 803

Rangidil Ketil, future leader of the Ordinators and subject of the poem Death Blow of Abernanit, is born.

2E 807 Tobias, a Colovian captain and close friend of Cyrus, is born. He aids Cyrus in TESA: Redguard.
Source: The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard Website.

2E 812

The city-state of Rimmen once again submits to the protection of the Mane of Elsweyr. Previously, the Akaviri of Rimmen had joined their brethren in Cyrodiil to rebuild the Empire, and refused to submit to the Khajiit.
Source: Pocket Guide to The Empire 1st Edition: Elsweyr.

2E 816 Amiel Richton, admiral of the Imperial Navy and Provisional Governor of Stros M'kai, is born. He is the chief antagonist during TESA:Redguard.
Source: The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard Website.

2E 827

Talos (or Hjalti Early-Beard), later is known as Tiber Septim, the first Emperor of Septim dynasty, is born. His birthplace is unclear, being listed to us as both Atmora and Anticlere.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition: CyrodiilHolidays of the Iliac Bay.

2E 830

The Aldmeri Dominion is reformed when Summurset Isles intervenes in the power struggles of the Camoran Dynasty and places Camoran Anaxemes on the throne. The Thalmor is established as a provisional government.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition: Aldmeri Dominion.

This Aldmeri Dominion should not be confused with the earlier Dominion of 2E 580s, nor with that of the 4th era.

2E 831

Cyrus the Redguard mercenary is born. He is the central figure in the TESA: Redguard.
Source: The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard Website.

2E 841

Attrebus, a guard in Hammerfell during the 2nd Battle of Stros M'Kai, is born.
Source: The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard Website.

2E 852

General Talos destroys the allied Nord and Breton in the citadel of Sancre Tor. The Nord captives and generals eventually join General Talos' army. They play a crucial role in General Talos' succeeding campaigns which consolidated the Colovian and Nibenean into the core of the Cyrodilic Empire, and which resulting in the crowning of General Talos as Emperor Tiber Septim.
Source: The Battle of Sancre Tor, The Legendary City of Sancre Tor.

2E 854

The Emperor Cuhlecain (later is known as Emperor Zero) of Cyrodiil is assassinated by a High Rock nightblade. General Talos takes the throne of the Empire and adopts a Cyrodiilic name, Tiber Septim. He starts his conquest to unite all Tamriel under the Cyrodiil Empire.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition: Cyrodiil.

2E 862

Tiber Septim's army sweeps Tamriel, and, one by one, all independent kingdoms are consolidated into the Empire. Only Hammerfell, under the High King Thassad II, resists all Septim's attempts. The death of Thassad II plunges Hammerfell into a war between the traditionalist Crowns and the progressive Forbears. The Forebears makes a pact with Tiber Septim to secure their victory. The Crowns are crushed and Hammerfell eventually falls to Tiber Septim.

The last leader of the Crowns, Prince A'tor, tries desperately to resist the Empire from his stronghold in Stros M'kai. The Battle of Hunding Bay ends with the death of Prince A'tor and the conquest of Hammerfell. Amiel Richton is appointed Provisional Governor of Stros M'Kai.
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire 1st Edition: Hammerfell, The Origin of Cyrus, Intro to Redguard.

2E 864

Cyrus, a mercenary, and the Restless League, a group of revolutionary pirates, start a rebellion in Stros M'kai and successfully overthrow Admiral Richton and imperial rule. Iszara, Cyrus' sister and lover to the late Prince A'tor, is installed as governess of the city. Emperor Tiber Septim is forced to sue for peace on terms favorable to Hammerfell. This is the story of TESA: Redguard.
Source: The Story of Redguard.

The first edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire is released.

2E 865

Symmachus, future husband to Barenziah, is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

2E 882

In Morrowind, Dagoth Ur and his Ash Vampires awake and emerge from lower Red Mountain into the Heart Chamber, immediately taking control of the Heart of Lorkhan. The secret construction of the second Numidium is started.

The Tribunal arrive at Red Mountain for their annual ritual bathing in the heart's power. Dagoth Ur and his Ash Vampires ambush the Tribunal. The Tribunal is driven away, and prevented from restoring themselves with Kagrenac's tools at the Heart of Lorkhan.
Source: Dagoth Ur's Plan.

2E 882-3E 417

The Tribunal and supporting forces seek to force access to the Heart Chamber, but are repeatedly driven back. Dagoth Ur recruits Sleepers and Dreamers through dream sendings. Weaker cultists become corprus beasts; stronger cultists advance through stages towards the powers of the Ascended Sleepers.
Source: Dagoth Ur's Plan.

2E 893

Barenziah, future Queen of Morrowind and later Queen of Wayrest, is born.
Source: The Daggerfall Chronicles

2E 896

After negotiating treaties with Hammerfell and Morrowind, Tiber Septim turns his attention fully to the Aldmeri Dominion. The joined Elven kingdoms prove too powerful for outright conquest, and Septim's Armada is repeatedly defeated.

Tiber Septim seeks to use his latest weapon, the Numidium - Dwemeri construct gained of the treaty with Morrowind. Zurin Arctus brings its pieces to Elsweyr for reconstruction, and a localized Dragon Break results. To power the Numidium in place of Lorkhan's heart, Tiber Septim uses the Mantella, a gem which holds the soul of the Underking. According to one story, the Underking is Zurin Arctus, and sacrifices his heart willingly. According to another, the Underking is Wulfharth, who is tricked by Zurin and Tiber into giving up his soul. Either way, Arctus was killed in the process. The now-operational Numidium crushes the Aldmeri armada and armies, and in short time, the Aldmeri Dominion surrenders.

After the demise of the Aldmeri Dominion, disagreements arise between Zurin Arctus and Tiber Septim. Arctus tries to reclaim his soul in Mantella and is opposed by Septim’s forces. Their final battle shatters the Numidium into pieces, and hurls the Mantella into Aetherius.

In the centuries that follow, Septim's Blades collect the pieces of the Numidium. The Underking also sends his agents to find a way to recover Mantella, and becomes the enemy of the Septim Dynasty.

Source: The Story of Daggerfall, Skeleton Man's interview, Arcturian Heresy, A Brief History of the Empire.