AFFresh: The Search for Nchulem

Released In:

While in Balmora if you frequent Dorisa Darvel's books store she will ask for your help recovering some books.


Dorisa Darvel:

Are you, by any chance, for hire? There are a few books I would like to acquire or recover: Nchulem and Mixed Unit Tactics.

Nchulem: It's a strange book that may not even exist. I've only heard rumors about it. I've heard the author was killed trying to burn down the Library of Vivec. I've also heard that the Temple has tried to destroy all copies of hte book, but new copies keep appearing in strange places. I would start by lookin gin the Library of Vivec, which is in the Temple Canton.

Asking again: I'd try looking for a copy in the Library of Vivec. Supposedly, the copies show up in strange locations, such as under bookshelves or tables. Don't worry too much if you don't find it. The book may just be a rumor.


The player heads to the Library of Vivec and after searching around finds the volume of Nchulem under a bookshelf. This teleports him to an alternative realm of the Library which is full of Nchulem that teleport him around. After a while of searching the player finds the real copy of Nchulem and is able to return to Dorisa with copy in hand.


Dorisa Darvel:

Nchulem: You found a copy? Truely? I will pay you well for it.

-Nevermind: You didn't really find one, did you?

-Give her the book: Amazing! There are rumors that  there's some kind of secret hidden in this one. This is certainly worth a good bit of coin to a collector, so please take this finder's fee. And thank you, again, it sounds like it was a bit difficult to find.


Dorisa Darvel gives the player 450 gold. Speaking to her again give further context.


Dorisa Darvel:

Nchulem: I haven't found anything special about the book. It seems to be the ravings of a madman. A bit of a disappointment, honestly.


While Dorisa was not able to discover the secrets will you attempt to solve the secrets of the Nchulem?


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