Sculptor Visthar’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sculptor Visthar

This book was included in Ghost of The Tribunal from the Creation Club

The statue was my masterpiece, my one true love. Some say she is too large, too grand, but I would have made Her a thousand feet tall if I could. For my love is a titan, and we are but useless worms, groveling at Her feet.

However, to sculpt a goddess came with no shortage of anxiety. The pressure I felt to chisel every line, hone every curve, and do so with exacting precision was almost too much to bear. But the end result was one I take immense pride in.

These days, the anxious voices in my head are no more. Instead, they speak in a patois of ease and routine. I’ve fallen into a simple routine, making shrines with basic carvings in tribute to the three.

A, for Almalexia.
S, for Sotha Sil.
V, for Vivec.

Yet it is risk that makes a sculptor an artist. It is daring that turns the ordinary into the sublime.

I dared to sculpt a Goddess once. As I chisel away at these blocks of stone, doing the same tired work, I wonder, is it too late to be that bold again?

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