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Screaming Among the Ruins

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Author - Gilryne Telvanni 
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From the diary of Gilryne Telvanni
It was supposed to be a beautiful day. Especially for me. I bought a young (but well-behaved, as a Khajiiti trader told me) guar at the Hadran's Caravan, and bobbing up and down on its back now. The night was beginning to fall, full packs on both sides of the guar were delighting the eye and warming the soul... and then the road wobbled, and some ruins appeared over the hill. The Ayleid ruins judging by the architecture.
Thoughtfully scratched my guar somewhere around its neck, I did wonder about riding past. But the expectations to get to the town and to ease the burden of my guar went down in flames — someone screamed blue murder somewhere among the collapsed columns. And it would be fine if this someone simply screamed — but they obviously called for the help. Cursed my generosity (and calculated the probability a rich merchant needed help there at the same time), I slid down from the guar, looked for where to tie it (nowhere), stuck a sword into the ground, and used it as rough and ready guar standing. Anyway, none will risk stealing a guar when a winged twilight is soaring nearby.
Someone continued to yell in the ruins. So tenacious. I crept closer clenching my staff, and looked out over a pile of stones. Well, yes, a crowd armed with sticks, stones, and obscene words tried to beat some gloomy man. He was rather pale, seems had the latest stages of Noxiphilic Sanguivoria. And was probably infected for financial gain, I was quite sure. However, I was in a kind mood at this time of the day (and I came here not for nothing!), so decided to help this fellow. Also, I have this new healing staff, have not practiced classical Restoration magic for some time, and do not want to miss the opportunity.
Dear readers, do not help any vampires — or do it at your own risk. Because when this particular bloodsucker with beady eyes (by the way, my eye colors are red too, but of a more pleasant shade, and without any infectious disease!) began to rifle through the pockets of the fallen attackers, it hit me. And I poured a lot of money to an acquaintance in Rawl'kha to clear my name only a few days ago! Jeez, there were witnesses here too, for sure, these sky weasels find a way to rat even from this wilderness.
‘Hey, li-i-isten, let’s split the profits?’
I squinted at this pale guy. Split the profits, well then?
‘There are many other Baan Dar worshippers here if you know what I'm talking about,’ pressed the vampire.
I gave a sigh. Worshippers, all right. Interesting, who is this Baan Dar and will he (she, it) haunt me for all the rest of my life? Seems it was time to make a list of those who wait for my soul in their realms.
‘Okay, come on, go ahead. And I’ll conjure something for you. Something useful,’ I nodded, and the pale guy jerked somewhere deep into the ruins — with flashes of lightning and so on.
A sorcerer too, well, well.
* * *
The bags carried by my guar were bulging at the seams, and the poor creature looked at me with reproof. Its eyes resembled two lakes of judgment. And it definitely looked like Uncle Dralas. Should I name this guar after him? Uncle Dralas gave me the same gaze when I decided to leave Port Telvannis for the continent.
‘I’m already somewhere among most wanted serial killers if you ask my acquaintance from Rawl’kha,’ I told my guar, ‘Not every war hero from Cyrodiil has ditched so many people. I definitely need a discount on bribes and laundering.’
It was supposed to be a beautiful day to go to Rawl’kha. Or not — seems there were too many wanted posters with my Dunmeri face there. 100,000 coins, by the way. Actually, I wouldn't say no to that kind of money.
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