Saga of Varen’s Rebellion, Part 3

Released In:

Varen Victorious
By Capiton Casca, Poet to Regent Clivia Tharn

Varen Aquilarios,
Colovian hero, Emperor of Cyrodiil,
Sat upon his Ruby Throne,
Brooding upon his fate.

After the debacle at Fort Ash,
And reinforced by other rebel legions,
Varen’s forces captured Bruma, in the north,
And from there spread their rebellion,
Through all corners of the Empire.

The rebels fought most valiantly,
Against Reach and Daedra alike,
Against betrayers and ambushers,
To the very walls of Imperial City itself.

They breached those walls,
And fought street by street,
House by house,
To the Imperial Palace.

And there Varen slayed Leovic,
At the foot of the Ruby Throne,
Driving his sword into the Dragon’s chest,
Spilling Longhouse blood at the foot of the dais.

Then Varen took the Ruby Throne,
Acclaimed by all his legions,
They broke the power of the Daedric Princes,
And the people of Cyrodiil rejoiced.

Yet Varen Aquilios was sorely vexed,
For while he sat upon the throne,
He was not of the blood of Dragons,
As those who came before.

“Am I a false king?” he asked,
“Do I deserve this mighty boon?”
“I took the throne by force, not right.”
“Am I worthy of my task?”

Then Abnur Tharn appeared,
Now Chancellor to the Ruby Throne,
Father to Clivia, wise in the ways of politics,
Who spoke these words to his Emperor King.

“It is true that you are not Dragonborn,”
“Yet I know how we may remedy this.”
“I know a sorcerer, one Mannimarco,”
“Who holds a secret you must know.”

“There is a relic, the Amulet of the Kings.”
“Filled with great power and wisdom.”
“It will restore the Dragonfires that protect our world.”
“And make you the rightful ruler of the land.”

Varen Aquilarios,
King of Cyrodiil, beloved by his people,
Left behind the Ruby Throne,
And gathered up his loyal companions,
To begin one final quest.

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