Saga of Varen’s Rebellion, Part 2

Released In:

Varen Is Defeated
By Capiton Casca, Poet to Regent Clivia Tharn

Varen Aquilarios,
Colovian rebel, Bane to the Emperor,
Sat within his war camp,
Brooding over his loss.

Varen called upon his people,
And they rose for him in response,
Striving against the Emperor’s forces,
And against his hated Daedra.

His people quickly built,
A wall across his border,
Sealing off Kvatch and Chorrel,
From the brutalities of the Empire.

The warriors of the Gold Coast,
The mighty Second Legion,
Rallied to his call,
And marched against the Imperial Dragon.

Varen left his home in Kvatch
To Carolus, his nephew, to defend,
And sought Jaros Truptor,
To make fast the walls for his people.

Yet the Emperor held his own great power,
And sent his own legions in response,
Legions loyal to the Ruby Throne,
And hard warriors from the north,
To crush the rebellion.

The two armies met in battle,
At Fort Ash, between Chorros and Imperial City,
The sides were evenly matched,
And contested throughout the day,
And into the deepening twilight.

And then the Emperor struck a blow,
With allies most unearthly,
Daedra from Oblivion, wielding foul magics,
Sent by his masters, the Daedric Princes.

Servants of Hircine, Namira,
And Mehunes Dagon most of all,
Appeared on the flank of Varen’s army,
Driving the rebel cohorts back in disarray.

Surprised, ambushed, betrayed,
Varen called for the retreat,
And while the Emperor’s forces
Stopped to loot and feast upon their victory,
Varen regrouped to heal and plan.

Now Varen sat at his campfire,
Bloody and beaten,
His troops routed and discouraged,
And considered his next move carefully.

That’s when Abnur Tharn appeared,
Once Chancellor to the Ruby Throne,
Father to Clivia, wise in the ways of politics,
With news for the duke’s ears alone.

Leyawiin had been liberated,
And the Legion of Chorrol has rebelled,
They would join their former duke,
On the field of battle,
Should he agree to fight on.

Varen Aquilarios,
Colovian rebel, Bane to the Emperor,
Rose from his campfire,
Girded his sword and raised his shield,
And once more took the battle to Leovic.

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