Saden’s Journal

Author: Saden
Released In:

If you’re reading this, run. Get back in your boat and row as far and as fast as you can. There is no safe harbor here, there is no treasure worth the horror that awaits you. It’s a miracle you aren’t dead already.

Haldyn sent us from Japhet’s Folly out into the sea, looking for hidden islands and forgotten coves. He said we needed outposts all around Tamriel to hide all the treasure we’re soon to pillage. I say he’s mad. A fresh group like us has more immediate concerns than outposts. We don’t even have a name yet.

But I kept my mouth shut, my head down, and did what I was told. I wish to the Nine that I’d have said something…

This island looked so peaceful, so remote. Seemed like a good place for an outpost. Bjord and I stayed behind while the others scouted about. It wasn’t long before we heard the screams. We peered over the rocks and I can’t even describe what we saw, although I’ll never forget it. The blood. Gods, the blood…

What those monsters did brought out the coward in Bjord. All it did to me was raise a fire in my chest, a hate in my gut so strong I can almost feel it coursing into the mace in my hand. I told Bjord to run, to tell the others never to come here. I stayed to write out this warning to anyone unlucky enough to land on this rock.

Now that I’ve done that duty, there’s only one thing left. I’m going to kill as many of those things as I can. I’m even going to try for the big one.

Maybe I’ll do it. Maybe I’ll kill every one of them. Maybe you’ve found this rock abandoned and safe. I doubt it…

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