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Appeared in: TESA: Redguard.

Saban was a Yokudan Witch, the mother of Hayle and Coyle. Hayle was killed by the Imperial, and Governor Amiel Richton banned the family to enter the city. Saban performed a ritual to prevent Hayle's soul trapped by N'Gasta's Soulsnare. However she did not know the path of the Serpent constellation, an essential part of the ritual.

Cyrus came and help her located the path of the Serpent constellation. In turn, Saban helped Cyrus and the Restless League to perform resurrection ritual for Prince A'Tor. However, the result of the ritual was not different from the plan. The soul of Prince A'Tor did not enter his body but entered his sword instead.

Cyrus managed to encourage the Restless League despite of the problem. In the end, the soul of Prince A'Tor helped Cyrus to defeat Amiel Richton and his Assassin lackey, Dram. The uprising of Restless League succeeded, and Tiber Septim had to negotiate with the Hammerfell once more.