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RP: Bosmer

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Hi everyone!

I'd like to have your advice on role playing a Bosmer.

They are religious folk who follow the Green Pact; this pact forbids them to use anything vegetable so they are essentially carnivorous. It's also said that they eat their (dead) ennemies.

All right, but what do they use to make fire? Is Valenwood that warm that they don't need fire and do they eat their meat raw?

Do they allow themselves to eat animal products, like eggs, cheese, milk?

I know that it is said that they are not averse to using things made out of wood by others but it seems to me that it would be a rather hypocrital behabiour, "I follow the Pact at home, but I don't follow it elsewhere", so I made a mod so that my Bosmer can craft his own bow and arrows out of antlers; now I need to know a little more about his diet. 

Thank you!

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The Green Pact is thought to only affect the living trees of Valenwood, those giant walking oaks they build their cities in. That is why they can use wood from outside sources, or items fashioned by outlander craftsmen.


The cannibalism in their culture is ritualistic, possibly practiced only by nobility, and it's moot if such rituals are even still maintained. The more extreme and controversial aspects of their lifestyle has been used to unfairly portray them as uncouth savages. It's basically racist Imperial stereotyping. They eat their meat cooked, or at least cured, they do eat dairy and likely fruit and vegetables as well, since there's no reason they shouldn't.


If you need hard lore evidence for this, check out A Dance in Fire. It depicts cannibalism practiced as a game by nobles, and mentions the drinking of milk and the use of herbs and spices for brewing. Take the pocket guide with a grain of salt, it's largely discredited as hyper-embellished propaganda.


Bosmer, like all other races of Tamriel, can be just as refined and proud or lowly and corrupt as anyone else.

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Thank you!

I know that the Pact is supposed to apply to the forest of Valenwood only but it adds so many rp possibilities that I've decided that my Bosmer eventually took to liking all the forests beside his dear magical one. Maybe he does that also just because he's cut off his homland and it's a way for him to worship his god through following the Pact everywhere. This kind of things, you see.

I have modded a ritual meal for him but I have troubles deciding who would be his ennemies. Ennemy has a personal implication; the bandits who attack him in caves or on the roads, the guys has has to fight during the civil war cannot be considered "ennemies" per se. The only real ennemies I can think of are the Cultists that Dragonborn adds.

I'd also like to add reactions when he cooks his ritual meal in public. I think people around would disagree.

Any rp idea would be welcome.

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The moon is bright, quiver is full. Hunger takes over. I see antlers in the distance. One deep breath, one arrow away with my exhale. It's time to feed. I must find shelter, it will be dawn soon. As I walk through the shadows I think there must be a cure. I come to my senses and embrace this gift, this power.
The trail is quiet, the low fog has a familiar must. Thoughts of Valenwood as a child come forward. Quickly replaced with the feel of dawn, stinging at first, burning soon to come. I tell myself this is a gift. I am strong. I am a hunter. I am Rah' fiki.
Daytime is brutal. I need to find a cave to rest in. I need to find a cure........
more to come...first time writing!!

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Wood is imported to Valenwood, as you can see in the Dance in Fire series of books. They use only that wood and so on. I guess they can use fat for making fire, it's an animal product after all. They drink alcoholic drinks made of milk. All this can be found in the book series :)