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Roleplay: The Crypt of Hearts

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"Men should always be confident in spirit, but they should fear too, and take measures of precaution."

- Thucydides


No training or mentoring could have prepared Ervesa for what she saw - a place most filthy, most vile, perhaps a place worse than the plane of one of the Four of the House of Troubles. Her blood boiled in rage as she stared at the grinning skull, looking back at her as if piercing her very soul.

A place ruled by the living dead, going against every tenent of Dunmer culture, a place deserving only destruction and True Death.

As intimidated as she was by the Crypt of Hearts, Ervesa never felt such a rush and determination to test herself against a coming danger, eager to bring havoc to the occupants of the Crypt. Perhaps her goals were too ambitious, as it's doubtful that her party would be able to erradicate the utmost disgusting creatures present in that wretched dungeon, but the healer's feelings at the time were one of wrath, yet also fear.

She put aside her eagerness for the killing of the inhabitants of the Crypt as she pondered about its dangers, more calmly as she subdued her anger for a moment - could she really survive this? A place where liches and the undead lay? She'd be facing her people's most hated creatures, but would she survive?

The Dunmer reminded herself to stay calm, to remember who's she fighting for - surviving this trip and getting enough loot to fund her time in High Rock would save the life of dozens of people, and allow her to bring more oblivious Dunmer to embrace their native culture and worship the Three. Could there be something more glorious to fight for?

Ervesa had to stay strong, she would survive, and her party would survive, and, as sad as it was to say, the death of the courier who failed to deliver the funds to continue her mission in High Rock would be in vain, as she would push on and continue to spread the glory of ALMSIVI, bringing down the walking dead with her.



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Cayliss studied the cold walls. She tried to detect any defects and holes between the dark stones or an exit of the sewers. Anything usual that she would have to find for special clients who wanted to enter places where they were not really wanted.

She sneaked left along the walls and then right, and afterwards she returned to the party.

"I did not find sewers yet but I found some loose stones around one of those narrow windows for archers. It might not be on the ground level, but low enough to climb up one meter and take those stones. Then, the hole should be big enough for us to enter. I think it's a better way than the main entrance..." she said, pointing somewhere left.

If they followed the little elf, she climbed and started pulling the loose stones. If anyone helped her, the work was finished quickly. The walls were old and had plenty of spots to grab while climbing. Then, the Bosmer guide dissapeared in the darkness that ruled inside. It was time to enter the dungeon.

When everyone has sneaked into the Crypt of Hearts, they found themselves in a pitch dark hall. Some bags and wooden chests were stored along the walls, so the jump down was not that bad. Cayliss jumped on a chest and then down on the floor. She readied a bow. Everyone heard a rustle and clanking of metal somewhere on the right, about ten meters away.

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Ervesa had rushed to help Cayliss remove the loose stones from the wall quickly, as to minimise the amount of time the party would be vulnerable getting themselves an entrance into the dungeon. When the work was done, Ervesa maintained the order of the convoy during travel, staying in about the middle of the party when she jumped into the dungeon.

She immediately noticed the bags and wooden chests that hampered the party's fall, being sure to loot them, as soon as they felt safe enough upon hearing the rustle and clanking of metal. She immediately took out her mace in preparation for a possible upcoming fight, filled with determination.

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Therence inched his way to the edge of the cage. The fools had left only one guard at the door, a shaky youth he remembered to have expressed doubt in their cult's undead master. In a low voice, "You! Come here!"

The youth jumped, turned warily, but said nothing.

"I was listening to your crew back in the wagon. I heard you talking about Aengoth. You're smart enough to realize you can't trust a lich, aren't you? You know better than to believe he'll let you live a moment longer than he needs you alive..."

The kid's eyes widened, and he glanced around to make sure nobody was watching. The corridor was silent and empty. He leaned in close to hiss "You don't know what you're talking about. I'm a faithful servant of our master."

"And when that master turns on you, how do you fancy your odds of surviving?" Therence held the boy's gaze. "Listen to me. I kill monsters for a living. I can help you. But you need to let me out."

"I... I don't know..."

"Damn you! That lich will tear your wretched soul from your body! I'm your only chance!"

"But what if the others..."

"I'll handle them, but we don't have much time! You have no other options! Free me!"

The kid looked around again, agony etched across his face, and quickly unlocked the cage. As he knelt to sever Therence's bonds he whispered "You'd better not try and cross me, I'm warning you."

"Yeah, right. Where's my gear." Therence rubbed his wrists as he stood up. The kid tossed him a pack. "Thank the nine," he sighed as he retrieved a certain potion. He swallowed the contents and almost immediately felt the influence of Hircine's curse withdraw from his system.

"Now what?" The youth asked nervously, glancing over his shoulder.

"Now," Therence said, sliding a silver knife between the bandit's ribs, "I grant you a merciful death."

The boy gasped but found no air to scream. Therence caught him as he began to fall and lowered him quietly to the floor of the cage. A quick search revealed a light pouch of coins and a ring of keys.

The witch hunter slung a quiver of silver over his back, checked his bow, searched his pack, more to buy himself time than anything else, but eventually he had to turn at last to Kiraya. "Now what am I going to do with you?"