Rogue’s Instructions

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Bittercup from the Creation Club

All right, here’s the plan. Take the letter and seal it with the ring. Then put on this courier’s clothes and deliver it.

Make sure you look and talk like a bloody courier. I’m sure you’ve gotten enough letters to know how they speak. And if it don’t work the first time, wait an hour, think about what you’re gonna say, and try again. When it comes to poor folk, the Elf’s got the memory of a goldfish.

Anyways, the letter will say Inimoro’s been stealing from his boss, and the seal will prove it’s real. Once Cuinanthil reads the letter, he’ll have the Dunmer arrested. He might even have him killed. Doesn’t matter either way.

Knowing him, the next thing he’ll do is go straight for his treasure, to count every last coin and make sure it’s all there.

Then we just follow that snotty little spear polisher as he leads us straight to the gold.


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