AFFresh: Rithleen’s Recipes

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After joining the Blades and speaking with Caius you are directed to speak to each of the blades trainers.



Orders: I don't have any official orders for you, but I do have a personal errand I've been meaning to do. I never quite seem to find the time. I'm looking for a few local recipes.

Local recipes: My father runs the Silver Scimitar in Lainlyn and I promised him I'd send a shimpent of ash yams, marshmerrow, saltrice, and a book of local recipes. I have the ingredients and, even though I have little magic, I can preserve the food. Maybe you can ask the innkeepers and publicans here and in the other big cities and see if any of them are willing to share some local recipes.

-Not right now: I understand. Let me know if you change your mind.

-Agree to look for recipes: Great! I can give you 100 septims for each recipe you bring me. I'd start with the innkeepers here in Balmora, but if you want to try to find more, you can ask in Vivec, Ald'ruhn, Sadrith Mora, and maybe a few other places. If you can get at least fifteen, I'll give you a bonus.

Ask again: Any luck? I'd try to get some myself, but I owe all the innkeepers in town. I guess I get a bit rowdy after a few bottles. Caius ordered me to stop drinking. At all! Can you believe it?


The player will head out and ask around as he collects many different recipes from the innkeepers of Vvardenfell.


Bacola Closcius:

Local Recipes: Do I look like a chef? Do I look like I cook? No, that is what servants are for.

Local Recipes: You're alright, Player, but I couldn't give you a recipe if I wanted to. I've never cooked anything in my life, and our usual chef is indisposed. Try asking at one of the other clubs.


Banor Seran:

Local Recipes: No. I would not share a recipe with you if we were both starving and my arms were hacked off.

Local Recipes: You may not be the worst outlander to ever come here, but I still wouldn't give you a recipe. My ancestors would kick me out of our tomb if I told a foreigner how to boil water.

Local Recipes: You want a recipe. Fine. I will write one for you. Here you go.

Local Recipes: You have my recipe. Read it.


Sorosi Radobar:

Local Recipes: A recipe? How do I know you're not going to sell it to another inn, like that thief, Gadela Andus?

Local Recipes: I suppose it won't hurt to share one. This is a family recipe from my mother's side. I only make it on special occasions, but it is a potent cure for insomnia.

Local Recipes: I already gave you one of my recipes.

Local Recipes: You have a recipe from Gadela? No, I don't even want to look at it. I wouldn't cook it with someone else's hands.


Raril Giral:

Local Recipes: A recipe? Hm. Do you know how to make Coda Soup? Everyone should know how to make it, and it's an easy recipe to start with, since you can put anything in it and still call it coda soup. Here, I'll write out the way I usually make it.

Local Recipes: Let me know what you put in it and how it turns out.


Brathus Dal:

Local Recipes: You've come here for…a recipe? Well, how could I refuse. Here, I'll write out a simple recipe for hackle-lo salad.

Local Recipes: I have given you the recipe, but you persist. So I was right. You are not here for a recipe. You have another motive. Tell me, (Race), what are you really here for?


Manara Othan:

Local Recipes: My recipes are very dear to me, and I can't share them with a stranger.

Local Recipes: Oh, alright. Here's a recipe for a Hero's Feast. It is sure to liven up your day. Or night. It is a personal favorite and one I cook anytime I am about to undertake something difficult, exhausting, or important.

Local Recipes: I have given you one recipe, which is one more than I ought to have shared. I don't know what I was thinking. Do not push your luck.


Boderi Farano:

Local Recipes: Why would a foreigner want one of our recipes? Not that I object, I just don't understand.

Local Recipes: A recipe for a foreigner. Hm. Hm. Have you ever tried hound sticks? It's the sort of food both native and foreigners can agree on, but it isn't the easiest recipe. Here, I'll try to write very plain and simple directions.

Local Recipes: You have my hound sticks recipe. If you need me to walk you through it step by step, you'll have to pay.


Muriel Settle:

Local Recipes: A recipe? That's not what people usually ask for. How about a drink? Not everyone wants to drink shein or mazte all the time, and the water on the eastern coast here is unpalatable, so it needs a little something extra.

Local Recipes: Yes, I gave you a recipe for Marshwater. If you lose it, I'm sure I can write it down again.


Benunius Agrudilius:

Local Recipes: A recipe? Is this for Rithleen? I have told her repeatedly to stop asking me until she pays off her tab.

Local Recipes: I suppose sharing a recipe with you won't hurt. This is a simple one for merrowed yams. There are variants of it all over Morrowind and, so I've heard, in Black Marsh as well.

Local Recipes: Yes, the merrowed yams recipe. Have you ever had merrowed yams? You aren't going to show that to Rithleen, are you?



Local Recipes: I can't share any Gateway Inn recipes. Trade secrets, you know. But I can share one from when I wandered as a youth. Here's how you can make a fine meal of just a simple mudcrab. You'll never go hungry again anywhere there are mudcrabs. And you know mudcrrabs, there's millions of them.

Local Recipes: I've given you a recipe for cooking mucrab in their own shell. Like I already said, I can't give you any of the Gateway Inn recipes.



Local Recipes: Hm. A local recipe? I know a few, but shouldn't you ask an elf?

Local Recipes: Here's my recipe for what I call “pucker and squeak.” It's based on a dish I had once in Wayrest, but made with local ingredients. It's not for the faint of heart. I suggest getting a bit drunk the first time you try it.

Local Recipes: Try it sometime. Tell me what you think.



Local Recipes: Just give you a recipe? Hm. Let me think. Let me think. No.

Local Recipes: Okay, okay. Sure. This recipe is a favorite among fellow Bosmer, Redguards, and the few free Argonians we serve. Other people don't seem to like it as much. I have no idea why. Some people even claim it made them sick, but I can't help but eat some myself whenever I cook it, and I'm always fine.

Local Recipes: I gave you my scurryscales recipe. I can give you another copy if you want.


Gadela Andus:

Local Recipes: Did Sorosi put you up to this? She's always trying to get people to steal my hound steak recipe, but only I know the secret ingredient.

Local Recipes: Well, if this is really for an innkeeper in Hammerfell, and if you promise to not show this to Sorosi, I can give you one of my recipes that did not win any awards or get any praise from the Duke. Hm. How about scuttlerice? It's a bit native, a bit Imperial. Perfect for a foreigner who wants just a hint of Dunmer cuisine.

Local Recipes: You have the recipe already. If you lose it, I can make you another copy.

Local Recipes: You have Sorosi's recipe for Ancestor's Rest? Why, so do I. So do half the publicans in Vvardenfell.



Local Recipes: A local recipe, you say? Why should I give you one again?

Local Recipes: Sure, here's one of my slaughterfish recipes. “You can't eat the slaughterfish here,” you say. I say you can. You'll need a scamp skin, which isn't a problem for me, with a few friends in the Mages Guild here, but they don't grow on trees.

Local Recipes: I've given you the secret to cooking the local slaughterfish. What more do you want?


Dulnea Ralaal:

Local Recipes: I know quite a few local recipes. Did Rithleen ask you to do this? I have told her over and over that I won't give her any recipes after the mess she made of my inn.

Local Recipes: There is one recipe I feel I could share. It's not something I serve often here. I call it sick soup because it is what many here in Vvardenfell make for people who are sick. It's a bit tricky to make, so I'll write out the instructions for you.

Local Recipes: You have my recipe for sick soup. I don't think I should give you another one.



Local Recipes: Oh, no, I couldn't just give you one of my recipes.

Local Recipes: I won't give you one of my own recipes, but a weird little Khajiit gave this one to me when he couldn't pay for his room. It didn't cover his bill, and I'd never eat it, but the cats seem to like it.

Local Recipes: I gave you a recipe. Don't you remember?


Darvam Hlaren:

Local Recipes: Just give you a recipe? Are you fresh off the boat, (Race)?

Local Recipes: Yam Chips. Here, let me write it out in a bit more detail. It's a favorite here in Ald'ruhn, at least in the main part of the town. Some in Underskar think such food is beneath them. They're missing out.

Local Recipes: You already have my yam chip recipe, don't you?


Lirielle Stoine:

Local Recipes: A recipe? I guess. Here's a simple, common way to make ash yams.

Local Recipes: I gave you the recipe, (Race).



Local Recipes: I don't cook often or well. All the food here came by silt strider. Sometimes I have a few treats from Imperial shipments.


Helviane Desele:

Local Recipes: For a recipe, you should ask a cook. The only recipes I know are, ah, trade secrets.

Local Recipes: Alright, I won't share any of the recipes we give to clients, but this is what we give to the girls at the start of each evening.

Local Recipes: No, I absolutely will not share any recipes we give to guests.


Drelasa Ramothran:

Local Recipes: You want a recipe? And you come to me? I assume you know little about me. But for my own amusement, I shall give you a recipe for rats. When I was a little girl, I was glad to have a toasty rat or sometimes even a raw rat, and I learned all the best ways to cook one.

Local Recipes: I have since learned better recipes, but rat is what I got, and now it is what you get.


Ashumanu Eraishah:

Local Recipes: You want recipes from Vvardenfell? The true Vvardenfell cuisine? Then here, I shall write out a recipe from my tribe. A common feast for a dear friend who has departed. A funeral recipe, you might call it.

Local Recipes: I have given you a recipe from my old tribe. That should be enough. If you find it off-putting, I cannot help you with that. I suggest you live in the grazelands for a few years.


Galore Salvi:

Local Recipes: Hm. We only get pilgrims here, and they do not expect fine cuisine. A bit of fasting and deprivation is good for the Pilgrim. And good for the Armiger! Our supply shipments are irregular, so we make do with what's available here. I cannot recommend this to a tavern-keeper, but it is our finest dish.

Local Recipes: You have our best recipe. I am sorry, but I cannot give you anything better.


Burcanius Varo:

Local Recipes: I'm not much of a cook, but you could ask Natesse over in Tel Mora. Now that I think about it, I have one of her recipes right here. It's for dreugh and it is delicious. One of the best things I've eaten in this blighted land. I'm not up to making it myself, if I could even get the ingredients. I keep asking Master Aryon to bring Natesse here to make a feast.

Local Recipes: If you haven't asked her, you should see Natesse in Tel Mora. Tell her I sent you.



Local Recipes: I am under orders to not give any more recipes to…to…certain people. But fortunately, I have a recipe from Burcanius Varo. Have you met him? He runs the tradehouse in Vos, right across the water. He gave me a recipe for kagouti steak which I will copy for you. A rarity I personally enjoy, but not refined enough for Telvanni tastes.

Local Recipes: As I said, I have been ordered not to share any more recipes. Take it up with the tower if you must.


The player having collected a ton of recipes returns to Rithleen to turn them in and collect their reward.



Local Recipes: I'm surprised you got a recipe from Banor. Let me see. Well. Um. I'll take this off your hands, but this doesn't count. You know that, right?

Local Recipes: Merrowed Yams? Perfect. This is exactly the sort of recipe I'm looking for. Here's your bag of drakes and let me know if you find any more.

Local Recipes: Yattle? Interesting. Not sure if my father will like this or not, but here's your drakes.

Local Recipes: Pucker and Squeek? You said this was from Shenk? It sounds more like a High Rock recipe. Wow, that is going to be sour. Maybe my father can do something to make it palatable. Here's your reward.

Local Recipes: A slaughterfish recipe? Aren't the ones around here poisonous? Well, maybe not to a wood elf. Still, I guess this counts. Here's your drakes, as promised.

Local Recipes: Aw, a soup for when you're feeling ill. I bet Delnea fed this to her children. If she has any. I don't really know her that well. I should try this next time I catch something. Thanks, %PCName. Here's your reward.

Local Recipes: I'm not really a salad person, but this sounds interesting. Here's your reward.

Local Recipes: Does she think all foreigners are idiots? Every province has a recipe like this, even Black Marsh. Even Summerset. Hound meat is pretty good, though. Better than camel, anyway. Here's your drakes.

Local Recipes: Yam Chips? My father will have to rename that. But it sounds good. I'm eager to try this one. Here's your reward.

Local Recipes: I'll pay you, but I don't think my father can use this one. The Dunmer have such a…relaxed attitude to cannibalism. Here's your drakes, as promised.

Local Recipes: I was expecting a few soup recipes, and they are often a bit vague on exactly what goes in them. I make it a rule to never order soup at an inn. Anyway, it's a recipe. Here's your reward.

Local Recipes: Wow, this one is quite detailed. I wonder what the effects of the feast are? I'm sure my father will appreciate this one. Here's your reward.

Local Recipes: Oh, yes, in Hammerfell we have cactus water, palm water, nectar rosewater… But marshwater? My father will have to rename that. It looks easy enough. I'll have to try some. Thanks, %PCName. Here's your drakes.

Local Recipes: Odd that an innkeeper would share a camping recipe, don't you think? Well, we have mudcrabs in Hammerfell, too. Different, though. My father probably can't use this one, but maybe you can remember it if you're ever stuck somewhere.

Local Recipes: Mm, cheesy. Not exactly a traditional recipe, but I'm sure my father will like this one. Here's your drakes.

Local Recipes: Well, I just did some counting and you've brought me fifteen recipes, so here's some extra gold. If you find more recipes, I can still pay you for each one.

Local Recipes: Ugh. Does this really work? In some places the slaughterfish are almost edible, but around here, they're just awful. I tried one once. I was sick for days and stank like a back alley in the summer. It's still a recipe, so here's your drakes, as promised.

Local Recipes: Not much moon sugar in Hammerfell. And it's not exactly legal there, either. Thanks, though. It's one more recipe for the book. Here's your reward.

Local Recipes: A recipe for rat? Really? I guess I can send it to my father, but I doubt he'll be able to use this one. Sure, we have rats in Hammerfell, but they're rats.

Local Recipes: A recipe for killing and eating your old guar? That's odd and kind of sad. I'll pay you for this one, but I might have to edit the wording a bit before I send it.

Local Recipes: A recipe for…? Ugh. I had cliff racer tails once. Never again.

Local Recipes: A dreugh recipe? I don't think I've ever had dreugh. I didn't know anyone had dreugh. Hm. This Natesse seems like a fine chef. I'm sure my father will appreciate imagining what this would taste like.

Local Recipes: A recipe for kagouti? Let's see. Looks straightforward enough. Served in scathecraw, hm? That gives me an idea. Here's your payment, %PCName.

Local Recipes: You…you have a copy of Redoran Cooking Secrets? I won't ask for the book, but if you just let me copy a few of the recipes, it should be worth four or five normal recipes.

Don't show her the book: I'm a bit jealous, and I don't see the harm in just copying a few, but I won't press the issue.

-Let her copy the book: There. I'm done. Here's the book back. This is good stuff. My father will be very impressed. I won't even ask how you got it.

Orders: I have enough local recipes to send to my father, but I will still pay you for any more you can find.


The player collects their bounty of gold and is happy to have learned quite a bit about cooking in the process.


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