Ri’saad’s Note on the Bandit Attacks

Author: Ri'saad
Released In:

Book added by Saints and Seducers from the Creation Club

The roads have been unkind to this one, plagued by outlaws along the route from Whiterun to Markarth. Guards travel with Ri’saad, yes, but they are ill-equipped to deal with ones such as this. They wield strange golden weapons and wear gleaming armor. Ri’saad has read of such things only in stories. Their encampment is found just west of North Brittleshin Pass.

Each time they set upon us, they shoud, “The Saints would like to browse your wares today.” The brutes steal mostly trinkets and oddities, no matter how cheap this one knows them to be. Then, they allow Ri’saad to go on his way. Ri’saad has not yet fought back. While it has harmed this one’s coin purse, it is not worth a life.

Ri’saad has heard of another gang patrolling the roads further north, calling themselves the “Seducers.” They are known for their menacing, dark armor. Skyrim grows more perilous by the day. They are known to camp along the road west of Fort Kastav.

This one would pay handsomely to any who would help. Ri’saad fears for any who might come to harm at the hands of these worrisome pests.

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