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Ri'Masha's journal

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Erm … I don’t really know how to use this kind of thing, so …

Sounds so silly to tell my life to a book, doesn’t it?

Well, I’m kind of bored when the night draws near so, let’s talk!

Do I have to name you? I don’t know. No, that would be weird, right? Like that you can be whoever I want. Sounds good? Right, you can’t answer.

The nature is so calm, so relaxing. All those big trees, the bosmers’s houses. By the way, what’s up with that « law » where they can’t eat vegetables? That’s silly. They protect the nature by only eating animals?

(I’ve heard some eat corpses, like other wood elves, yikes!)

Would they eat a khajiit?

I wonder how argonians taste.

I’m creeping myself.

16th of Second Seed.

Hey, you! It’s been some time, I almost lost you today (but I remembered you were in my backpack when I saved you, so that’s nice.).

I thought it would be a good idea to write days and months, to make it better.

« But how did you lost me » I hear you ask. Well, I ALMOST lost you.

I’ve found a rowboat on the coast of a lake and I … « borrowed » it to cross faster.

And you won’t believe me, but that lake was FULL of fishes. I don’t know why nobody was fishing on it. (On second thoughts, maybe the boat owner was maybe here for fishing too. That may explain the fishing rod …)

Anyway, I’m not a good fisher but there was so many of them!

After a moment (and a good « treasure » for a hungry girl like me), I heard some not-so-nice words. A small man was yelling at me from the coast, I guess it was the owner of the boat.

He kept yelling stuff, but I did not bother. Silly me. In fact, he was not angry but worried. He was warning me about a big fish, a REALLY big one. « Yummy, more fishies » you would say, but no, not that one.

I saw it, by the gods, never have I seen such a big thing. He rushed onto me so swiftly I couldn’t think of anything.

That guy wrecked the boat and catapulted me near the coast. I had the time to grab my backpack before that so that’s why you’re still here. But the rest of my things (and the delicious fishies) are now deep into that lake.

Yes, it’s sad, but I can still find food in that village nearby that I’ve heard of.

Anyway, that’s all for today, good night!

17th of Second Seed.


Not much to say today.

I went to the village and it was surprisingly full of things. Blacksmith, tailor, butcher and most importantly: an inn!

I had some spare gold and I took a room. And, dear journal, I have a roommate! She is an argonian (and quite the good-looking one), and she has one of those weird lizard names, something with « leaves », so that’s the little name I’m giving her.

18th of Second Seed.

I’ve never understood argonians. They always look so serious and angry. But Leaves, she’s different. I can feel when she’s happy, sad, angry. She told me that friends were scarce here. That real friends were hard to find. She looked sad saying that.

19th of Second Seed.

My new best friend (Don’t worry, you’re still my number 1) offered me to stay at the inn for some time!

“Don’t worry, I’ll persuade the innkeeper to let you stay”. There is not many room free now though, so I’ll have to stay in hers. Not that I’m complaining.


20th of Second Seed.

I visited the place a bit today, trying to meet people. They all look nice, even if they look at me in a strange way when I tell them I’m the friend of the only argonian around.

Thinking about that, there are no khajiits around either.

When I came back, Leaves wasn’t here. Sometimes she just disappears and comes back later, acting weirdly. But today was weirder than usual. I hope she’s alright.

21st of Second Seeds.

“You’ll have to go”, she told me.

We were talking about ourselves and she just … dropped that and left.

Afternoon: She was crying in her bed when I came back. She said that she could not convince the innkeeper to host me for free anymore, that I’ll have to leave her alone. I don’t know why she’s taking this so bad. I mean, I’ll just have to find a job and then pay for the room, like everyone.

I don’t like to see her crying, or even sad. I want to see her happy, she’s so pretty when she’s happy.

I’ll talk to the innkeeper tomorrow.

22nd of Second Seed.

Stupid, inn, stupid village, stupid me!

I was wondering how Leaves could be living in that inn for so long without that much gold, now I know.

I asked the innkeeper if he could allow me to pay afterward for the nights, to let me find a job. He said « Well, we can always find a way. », while petting me. That look he gave me, those eyes… That pig!

Don’t worry, book, I kicked him where his brain is and ran away. But it was not over, I had to help Leaves. So, I came back at night.

23rd of Second Seed.

Hi, sorry I let you like this, but some strange guys walked by my hideout. Their even more strange mumblings and robes made me curious so … Yes, I’m definitely following them.

I don’t feel like talking about what happened in that inn, but if I don’t do it now I will never do it.

I came back at night, ready to show him how you end up with these manners. I climbed by a window, the one of the room I shared with Leaves. She was not there, and I couldn’t see the « Pig ». Only him had a thing against me so I was able to sneak through pretty easily. I found his room with his sweet safe. The lock was not so tough, and the gold inside was, well, it’s empty now. My job was not done, I had to find Leaves and take her away. I heard some noise from underground and followed it. It led me to the room with all the barrels and food.

They were there, she was in the middle of a pile of skooma bottles, almost not moving. And he was looking at her, I couldn’t see his face, but I knew what would happen next would be bad. I snuck on him and …

He was on the ground, lifeless. I then went to Leaves but it was too late. I’ve already seen skooma and its dangers. She had reached a point of no return. I could not let her like that. How could I not have seen this before ?

It is not the first time I kill someone, but it’s never a pleasure. Yesterday, one deserved it. But I hope the other will finally find the peace she deserves.

24th of Second Seed.

I followed them for a bit. They keep talking about things I don’t understand. They seem to be worshipping something, but I don’ t know what.

I read my notes about that night in the inn, I know it was too late for her, but was it the best choice? I hope it was, or I will never forgive myself. She seemed so happy the first time I saw her in that room. I guess it was for the best, now nobody can harm her.

The hooded figures stopped near some strange ruins, I’ll see what they’re up to.


25th of Second Seed.


They attacked a group of merchants and then made a weird ritual!

They said that « their souls will serve the God of Schemes » and then killed all the still living prisoners!

I think they saw me, so I ran as fast as I could.

I need to warn the guards, the king, or whoever rule this place, and fast!

26th of Second Seed.

He found me!

I don’t know how but one of them found me!

I punched him with a big stick that was lying around and took the necklace he had as some kind of proof. He’s still after me but now I can say for sure that this is bad, really bad.


27th of Second Seed.

The light I saw yesterday, it was this stupid village again. But I have no other choice as for now. At least there are some people that look like they could put up a fight against the « hooded » if they attacked.

I warned some villagers about what I saw but no one took me seriously.

Tomorrow I will continue to look for help in a bigger city.

At least I’m close to my friend. I buried her during that night, not far from a small tree that we could see from the window. I don’t know how argonians deal with dead, but I hope this will be enough.


28th of Second Seed.

Fire, fire everywhere! They are attacking the village!

Necromancers, they kill the villagers and make them rise again to fight on their side.

I don’t like to kill, but if I must, I won’t hesitate.

I will not let them disrupt Leaves’s sleep. I won’t let anybody harm her ever again.


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