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Ria Silmane


Appeared in: TES: Arena.

Ria Silmane was the former apprentice of Jagar Tharn, a loyal subject to Uriel Septim VII. She was killed by Jagar Tharn right before Tharn's attempt to trap Uriel Septim VII into Oblivion.

Ria Silmane's spirit did not rest. Her powerful willpower let her to remain in Mundus and guide her friend who had been left to die in the Imperial dungeon. She released and made this person her champion.

Through dreams, Silmane communicated and became the relay of information between Queen Barenziah who managed to read Tharn’s diary and the champion who did the dirty work collecting the pieces of the Staff of Chaos.

After the champion defeated Jagar Tharn, her spirit was finally rest.