TES2 Daggerfall: Retrieving the Letter

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As a loyal servant you bring Dowager Queen Mynisera the news about the letter and about Gortwog. Being a royal to the bone, she’s positive that her fellow royal, Gortwog or not, would require a political favor before he relinquishes the letter. She composes a letter for him and asks you to deliver.

Gortwog wants very badly to be recognized by the empire. It would mean the beginning of peace between the orcs and the other races of the empire. Present this letter to Gortwog. Hopefully it will persuade him to cooperate.

As any good postal service employee would do, you immediately reach for the letter, open it and read it!

Lord Gortwog,
King of Orcs,
Warlord of the Subterranean Realms

Hail and long life King Gortwog. Long have you and the Orcish people sought formal recognition by the empire. My dead husband King Lysandus supported your claim to sovreign rule. I would now help you in your cause. Sadly, a minor missive from the emperor has been misplaced. For me to truly hold the trust and ear of Emperor Uriel Septim, I need to reclaim this note. Should you be able to place in my servant’s hand this trifling letter, I would be far better able to forward your claim to the emperor and his court.

The Dowager Mynisera,
Queen Mother to King Gothryd of Daggerfall

Realpolitik as usual. I scrub your back and you scrub mine. For a sheet or parchment, Mynisera is willing to employ her influence over the Imperial court to help Orcs create no less that a brand new country.

As we learn in the Pocket Guide, Orcs of Orsinium did enjoy political independence, status of the Imperial province, and some semblance of legitimate home rule once, during the days of the Second Empire, though this unusual situation quickly ended as soon as Akaviri Potentate Savirien-Chorak was assasinated in CE431.

Still, Gortwog is no less of a politician. He plays tough to get:

So, Mynisera seeks to sweet talk me. Bah! Her letter is of no value to me anymore. She may have it. However, my people may not be so lenient toward a Redguard wandering the halls of Orsinium. If you can survive my realm and find the letter, you make take it back to her. I will also consider you to be a worthy Redguard.

In other words, “go get it”. Well, I actually might!

After you make your way through countless Orcs, Orc Sergeants, Orc Warlords and Orc Shamans, you find the letter. Half the job done, you think.

Now, after you’ve spent so many hours looking for the dang thing, why not take a look at it finally?

Queen Mynisera,

I have grave news. The Totem of Tiber Septim has been found. You know what this means. The power behind Tiber Septim could be unleashed upon Tamriel again. Rumor has it that Lord Woodborne, a minor lord of Wayrest, has possession of it. He will doubtless “lose” it soon. You must persuade him to turn it over to you or Lady Brisienna. The court of Wayrest has no love of King Lysandus, but you still have influence there. I am asking you to use it on my behalf.

Uriel Septim
Emperor of Tamriel

Sounds like so much gibberish. “Totem?” “The power behind Tiber Septim”? What does all that stand for?

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