Report of Hiranar, Thalmor cultural researcher

Author: Hiranar
Released In:

Kinlord Lacaano,

It will not be long until all of Tamriel is under the rule of the Dominion, but our endeavor does not end simply with conquest. No, to truly lead, we must work to unify the provinces and bring the fruits of our refined culture to all. That work starts now, with our own allies. If we can learn how best to propagate our values to them, we will be ready for the greater work ahead.

The Khajiit, for example, are skilled in producing fine crafts and clearly have some rudimentary appreciation for artistic pursuits, but they must leave behind their predilection for over-indulging in physical comforts. I recommend converting many of their sugar-dens and taverns into more appropriate establishments, perhaps schools of Altmeri lineage and history or magical instruction. If they leave behind these distractions, I am certain they will enjoy fulfilling their newfound potential as examples of the Dominion’s benefits.

Threefold Venerations,

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