Redfur Journal, v. 1

23 Second Seed
Passage from Summerset was a sordid affair. Never thought I'd be involved in piracy, but when one's ship pulls up alongside a cog and arrows fly, one does what one can.

The captain was quite impressed with my affinity for—what was the phrase he used?—"scudding to broadside?" He offered me some recompense for my services; I declined.

27 Second Seed
Contracted porters in Southpoint. We set out tomorrow. The lead porter is a bit of a ruffian, but his bluster died when I offered him pay. I doubt even he believes his services are worth so much coin. The politics of discretion.

8 Mid Year
Waylaid by the most dim-witted assortment of bandits this side of Hammerfell. They attacked despite a most reasonable offer that doubtless contained more gold than any of them could have hoped to see in a lifetime.

We lost several Mer to the scuffle and can no longer carry my full complement of accoutrements. I will not miss their prattling ignorance, but my calcinator … that will be sorely missed.

11 Mid Year
At last, the Reliquary is in our sights.

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