Red Wisdom – An Ashlander Prophecy

Released In:

As the player is in Tel Mora the player enters The Covenant inn and speaks to Borwen.

Borwen: Do you want to move as silent as the wind while wearing Bonemold armor? Or are you here about the inscribed guard hide?

Player: Inscribed guar hide

Borwen: Yes, I received it from a Breton who found it in the Grazelands. I believe it belongs to the Ashlanders. I’ll sell it to you for, let’s say, a hundred septims?

Player: Buy it for 100 Septims

Borwen: Of course. Here you are. If you’re curious about it, there are a few people who may be able to tell you more.

Player: Offer 50 Septims

Borwen: Fifty?! But times being what they are, I don’t expect a better offer. I’ll take it.

Player: Not right now

Borwen:Come back if you change your mind, I don’t know what to do with it.

If the player does not have 50 septims and offers it she will say.

Borwen: Not only do you insult me by offering a mere fifty septims, but you don’t even have the gold on you?

If the player attempts to buy for 100 septims but does not have the gold the following will be said.

Borwen: I’m glad someone’s interested in buyin it, but you need to bring me the gold first.

Player: A few people

Borwen: Any Wise Woman could tell you about it, but that doesn’t mean they would. I recommend asking an outcast. I’ve heard Ald’ruhn has an Ashlander poet in the Ald Skar Inn.

Player: Inscribed guard hide

Borwen: Have you learned anything about it?

Player: Ashlanders

Borwen: I’ve done business iwth them for years. The Urshilaku and Erabenimsun consider me one of their own, but that doesn’t mean I know much about them.

The player heads to the Ald Skar Inn to ask the ashlander poet and finds Hassour Zainsubani.

Player: Inscribed guard hide

Hassour Zainsubani: Ashlander symbols on a guar hide? Will you let me see it? Ah, these symbols are an aid to remember the prophecy of Red Wisdom.

Player: Red Wisdom

Hassour Zainsubani: There will come a time when all the Ashlander tribes are threatened. In that time, we must find and follow Red Wisdom. Some think she is a Wise Woman. Give me a moment, and I will write the prophecy for you, in a more Imperial style. You will need a gift for a Wise Woman to learn what it means.

Player: Red Wisdom

Hassour Zainsubani: I have written the prophecy for you. You need a gift for a Wise Woman if you want to know more.

Player: Gift for a Wise Woman

Hassour Zainsubani: I would speak with Manirai of the Erabenimsun. As the Erabenimsun adore fire, I would bring her a gift of Fire Salts. You can buy them from alchemists. Or you can fight a Flame Atronach and take them by force.

The player receives “Hassour’s Red Wisdom” and heads to a local alchemist shop to collect the Fire Salts before making their way to the Erabenimsun camp and speaking to Manirai.

Player: inscribed guar hide

Manirai: Yes, this guar hide belongs to the Erabenimsun. More I cannot say.

Player: gift for a Wise Woman

Manirai: You bring me Fire Salts? And who told you to bring such an appropriate gift? No matter. So you want to know about this guar hide? Yes, give me the hide and the salts and a moment to think

If the player does not have fire salts she will instead say.

Manirai: A gift? Oh, I see, you brought a gfit that vanishes like the promises of all outlanders.

If the player has the fire salts but not the guar hide she will say the following

Manirai: A gift of fire salts? And what you wish to know? Something about a guar hide? I would need to see this guar hide.

After a few moments the player speaks to Manirai again.

Manirai: The guar hide shows the story of Red Wisdom. Ask and I shall tell you what I know.

Player: inscribed guar hide

Manirai: The guar hide shows the story of Red Wisdom, that it may not be forgotten among the people.

Player: gift for a Wise Woman

Manirai: You do not need to bring me another gift. I shall tell you of Red Wisdom.

Player: Red Wisdom

Manirai: There shall come a time when the false gods shall slip away, as they have been, and there will be terrible plagues and disasters afflicting us. If the tribes would survive, we must find and follow Red Wisdom. In these last months, I have dreamed of Red Wisdom. I have seen her face. I know her time has come. I have sent my apprentice to the Erabenimsun fire burial to look for signs of Red Wisdom. If you would learn more, find her there.

Player: Erabenimsun fire burial

Manirai: We Erabenimsun bury our dead in the fires of Red Mountain. We often make our camps near such fires. Head north out of our cmap and follow the Foyada west. You will come to a place where the blood of Red Mountain flows. There is our burial site.

Player: gift for a Wise Woman

Manirai: Yes, and I have told you the story of Red Wisdom.

The player asks around the camp about the burial site.

Player: Erabenimsun fire burial

:We give our dead to the blood of Red Mountain. The heat cleanses the spirit so the dead can stand befor etheir ancestors without shame.

Player: Red Wisdom

: Our Wise Woman speaks often of Red Wisdom who will guide us in a time of troubles, who will rise from the lotus blooms.

The player follows the instructions to the fire burial site and finds three nixhounds surrounding an ashlander who is levitating over the pool of lava. The player quickly dispatches them and speaks to her.

Nirani Mannu: Thank you. I was sent here to look for Red Wisdom, and these nix hounds chased me. I levitated over the lava, but who knows how much longer I could have stayed out of reach.

Player: Red Wisdom

Nirani Mannu: Yes, I am Erabenimsun. Our Wise Woman sent me to find Red Wisdom, someone who will lead us through a time of trouble. She dreamed that the time of Red Wisdom was near. But if I cannot handle a few nix hounds, I am not ready for such a journey. If she sent you to find me, perhaps you can help me go to each of the burial sites.

Player: Agree to help her reach each burial site.

Alternatively the player can refuse.

Player: Refuse

Nirani Mannu: I must go myself then, even if I fear I cannot make it alone.

Nirani Mannu: I am pleased you would take the time to aid me. Meet me at the Zainab Camp in the grazelands. From there I will lead you to the Zainab sky burial to look for Red Wisdom there.

Player: Zainab camp

Nirani Mannu: They wander the grazelands. They now camp far southwest of Vos. There is no fast way to get there. I will mark it on your map in case you get lost on the way.

If the player for some reason is unable to save Nirani the following will occur when talking to Manirai.

Player: Red Wisdom

Manirai: Nirani is dead? If she was Red Wisdom, we are doomed. Leave me.

The player heads out to the Zainab camp next along the way they stop in check on Borwen in Tel Mora.

Player: inscribed guar hide

Borwen: The guar hide was about an Ashlander prophecy? I’ve dealth with Ashlanders for years and never heard about any prophecy of Red Wisdom. That’s how they are, though. They never tell you anything unless you now exactly what to ask.

The player heads on with their journey to the Zainab camp but does not find Nirani. The player speaks to one of the tribe.

Player: Red Wisdom

Sakulerib: Are you looking for Nirani? She followed Mut and Manu, to the Zainab sky burial. The great Zabba is being honored there. If you want ot honor him, bring ten racer plumes with you. If you have no bural gift, the mourners may mistake your intent and attack you.

Player: Zainab sky burial

Sakulerib: We leave our dead in high places so the cliff racers and beasts of the air can carry them to their ancestors. Take the road norht out of the camp, then turn west on the road and go through the pass into the Ashlands. Turn south on the road and look for a smaller Ashlander camp.

The player hurries and gathers the racer plumes before following the direction to the burial where they encounter the ashlanders.

Addarnat Assardidairan: Outlander, you honor our traditions and the great hunter Zabba by bringing him racer plumes, so we will not attack you. Take your offering in peace, but we are watching. Do not defile him or you will suffer.

Mut Urshan-Adairan: Mut ‘the guar’ stands before you. Mut honors Zabba, the great hunter, with racer plumes and song. What shall you offer, outlander?

Player: Guar

Mut Urshan-Adairan: Yes, they call methe guar, for I am strong and stubborn and cannot be moved.

Manu Odirnapal: Even an outsider brings Zabba offerings. We have been here three days and the cliff racers touch him not, such a great hunter was he. The racers do not attack the young wise woman, either, which is strang.

The player heads up the hill to the sky burial where they find Nirani.

Nirani Mannu: This is the Zainab sky burial, but where is Red Wisdom?

Player: Zainab sky burial

Nirani Mannu: We are here, but Red Wisdom is not.

Player: Red Wisdom

Nirani Mannu: The prophecy says a guar will lead Red Wisdom here, where the cliff racers soar, but there is no guar, no Red Wisdom. Still I am glad I came here to honor Zabba. The next place to look is the Urshilaku burial caverns. I will meet you there.

Player: Urshilaku burial caverns

Nirani Mannu: The Urshilaku are currently camped on the northern coast. I will mark it on your map. From their camp, you must go south and a little east to reach their burial cavern. If you come to the old stronghold of Falasmaryon, turne around. You have gone too far.

The player heads to the Urshilaku camp and asks around.

Player: Red Wisdom

Hainab: You wish to know of the prophecy? Why ask me and not our Wise Woman?

Player: Urshilaku burial caverns

Hainab: We place our dead in teh burial cavern. Most are devoured by beasts and returned to the earth. The most honored are preserved so that they may watch under us.

The player heads to speak to the wise woman.

Nibani Maesa: The Wise Woman of the Erabenimsun had a vision of Red Wisdom? Yes, her time must be soon. We need her to guide us through these troubling times. It is said she will face the elements of each tribe and rise from the lotus flower.

If the player has completed the main quest Nibani will say the following instead.

Nibani Maesa: Nerevar, you have defeated Dagoth Ur and the blight, and now you help us find Red Wisdom. If she is here, our troubles have only just begun. When Nirani comes to me, I shall teach her all I know.

The player then heads out to the burial cavern to meet with Nirani and finds a large boulder blocks the way with a dremora nearby.

Dremora Lord: You are too late, mortal. Red Wisdom is dead.

Player: Red Wisdom

Dremora Lord: How long does it take a mortal to die of hunger? There is nought to eat inside, save for rats and skeltons and the dead. Hm. Perhaps Red Wisdom is wise enough to eat the dead.

Player: Tell the Dremora it should check to make sure.

Dremora Lord: Perhaps you are right. The rock shall move. Do not follow.

The Dremora moves the rock and enters the cavern.

Dremora Lord: I told you not to follow!

The player defeats the Dremora Lord in combat.

Alternative the player can ask the Dremora to wait.

Player: Ask the Dremora to wait a moment

Dremora Lord: Of course. I am nothing if not gracious. And everlasting.

Alternatively the player can tell the Dremora a lie.

Player: Say you let Red Wisdom out the back way

Dremora Lord: Ther is no back way. You are lying, a thing mortals often indulge in. I see not the reason. Lies can be destructive, true, and I admire such lies, but this one is hs nothing.

If the player has a high enough speechcraft skill they can convince the Dremora of the lie.

Dremora Lord: Truly? A back way? I suppose the caverns are large. I must report to the Deadlands for my beneficial destruction.

The player finds Nirani inside.

Nirani Mannu: I am glad to see you. When I entered the cavern, I heard a grinding of stone and then I couldnt’ get back out. While I was trapped here, I looked around, but saw no sign of Red Wisdom.

Player: Red Wisdom

Nirani Mannu: I cam ehere, but could not get out. A rock blocked the entrance. Thank you for clearing the way. Alas, Red Wisdom is not here. I have not explored the caverns much, as I am not a great hunter like Zabba, but there are no signs anyone has been here. However, I did find this stone near the entrance. Discarded. Not with any of the honored dead. i feel that you should take it. There is only one Ashlander burial place remaining, teh Ahemmusa water burial. Meet me there.

Player: Ahemmusa water burial

Nirani Mannu: I will mark the Ahemmusa camp on your map. Form there go north to a small island, then northwest to another small island. The entrace is on the north coast.

The player receives the Stone of Grounding from Nirani then heads to the Ahemmusa camp and asks about what they know of Red Wisdom.

Player: Red Wisdom

Sen: If there was ever a time for Red Wisdom to come, it is now. The sky is dark, Red Mountain stirs, the blight covers and land, and the fish have fled from the sea.

If the player had already completed the main quest the following will be said instead.

Sen: Why would Red Wisdom come now? The blight is ended and the seas are full of fish.

Player: Ahemmusa water burial

Sen: We give our dead to the waters. THe fish pick their bones clean and eat up any blight, debts, or faults. The great among us are preserved so that the wise women can visit them and gain their wisdom.

The player follows the directions from the camp to the Ahemmusa, Murmur burial site and enters.

Nirnai Mannu: This is the Ahemmusa burial grotto. I’ve looked around a little bit, and I saw no sign of Red Wisdom. I will have to return to the Wise Woman and report my failure. But I did find a flower puzzle.

Player: Red Wisdom

Nirani Mannu: I haven’t found Red Wisdom here, but I did find a flower puzzle.

Player: Flower puzzle

Nirani Mannu: Yes, there were several preserved flowers here, and some of the honored dead are known to me. It was an easy to see that I should place a fire petal on teh remains of Ninut Shimilaal, hwo brought fear to teh Erabenimsun. Likewise, a coda flower for Mutanibi a great Ashkhan of the Ahemmusa, a willow anther for Yenti whose vision warned the Zainab of a flood, and a stoneflower for Kuraraea, who was the granddaughter of an Urshilaku. But there is still a piece missing… I believe I also need a blood lotus for each one, four in all. They are rare, and the only place there might be any is the Daedric ruins on the coast of Vvardenfell almost due south of here. Or west along teh coast form the Ahemmusa camp.

The player can pretend they have the flowers when they do not.

Player: Flower Puzzle

Nirani Mannu: Have you found four blood lotus? Perhaps it is of little use, as we did not find Red Wisdom, but I am curious about the puzzle.

Player: Yes, here they are.

Nirani Mannu: I need four blood lotus flowers. You do not have enough yet.

The player can also tell Nirani they do not have the flowers.

Player: Not yet.

Nirani Mannu: Ah, I shall wait here a little longer.

The player heads to the Daedric ruin Kushtashpi and finds the blood lotus flowers before returning to Nriani.

Nirani Mannu: Have you found four blood lotus? Perhaps it is of little use, as we did not find Red Wisdom, but I am curious about the puzzle.

Player: Yes, here they are.

Nirani Mannu: Yes, these are blood lotus. I shall place one at each of the honored dead. I am curious to see what will happen.

Player: flower puzzle

Nirani Mannu: You brought me the flowers.

Nirani Mannu: I will place the flowers near each of the honored dead.

The player follows Nirani around as she places the flowers on each of the honored dead.

Nirani Mannu: Please do not interrupt me. I am placing the flowers at each burial.

Nirani Mannu: Gentle Kuraraea, whose great heart nourished and enthralled all.

Nirani Mannu: Wise Yenti, who counted the days, the seasons, and every drop of rain.

Nirani Mannu: Ninut of the three bones, bringer of fear and death.

Nirani Mannu: Ashkhan Mutanibi, great among the Ahemmusa, worker of hands.

Nirani Mannu: Look the blood lotus blooms.

Nirani Mannu: We’ve solved it! Even if we didn’t find Red Wisdom, I am still happy to have seen that. Meet me back at the Erabenimsun Camp.

Player: Red Wisdom

Nirani Mannu: You should return to Manarai at the Erabenimsun Camp. I will follow and report my failure.

The player heads back to the Erabenimsun Camp and talks to Manarai.

Player: Red Wisdom

Manirai: I told you I dreamed of Red Wisdom, and I knew her face, for it was my apprentice, Nirani. I sent her to each burial to give her the chance to prove she was Red Wisdom. I sent you to aid her, for I knew there would b opposition, and it is said she walks with heroes. Now that she is proven, I shall send her to train from the other Wise Women. When the troubles come, she will be ready. You have done well, more than I expected of an outlander. Of course you will never be a great hunter, but let me teach you spell we give to some of the weaker members of our tribe, and gift you with fine weapons. With these maybe you can survive.

The player receives a Spear of Clumsiness and Chitin Short Bow of Sureflight. The player can ask one more time about Red Wisdom.

Player: Red Wisdom

Manirai: Nirani is Red Wisdom. NOw it is known. We shall be safe.

The player returns to Nirani to speak to her.

Nirani Mannu: Manarai said I am Red Wisdom. I am not sure what to think. I wouldn’t have made it to all the burial places without your help, but Manarai says that is how our ancestors and the Good Daedra work.

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