TESA Redguard: Recovering The Soulgem

Released In:

In the tenth part of the Redguard Storyline, I rescued Iszara from N’Gasta, after which I recovered her soul from Clavicus Vile. Now I had to recover the soulgem from the Catacombs under the Palace.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Restored Iszara’s soul. Together escaped the Necromancer’s Isle. Went to Stros M’Kai, summoned League ship, sailed to meet with League in their Hideout. Revealed that Richton has the soulgem in the form of the amulet delivered as a present from N’Gasta. Pledged to kill the Dragon and recover the soulgem from the Treasure Vaults of the Catacombs, and to find someone able to master the power of the soulgem to restore Prince A’Tor. From Iszara, got a gold key to enter Catacombs. When the soulgem is in hand and someone is found to work the soulgem’s magics, meet Iszara, Basil, and the rest of the League at the Temple where Brother Nidal has A’Tor’s body hidden.

I went back to the city, where I entered the Catacombs using the tunnel near the Harbor. I went back to the door with the Crown symbol and used the key given to me by Iszara to open it.

It led to a large room with pillars, stairs and Guards. There were two Guards on the lower level of the room. A corridor on the other side of the lower level of the room led to a chamber with a Guard and a rope. Going up the rope led to a chamber with another Guard – Exitting this room through the doorway led to a small corridor that led to the upper level of the large room. On the upper level, there were two Guards, an extinguished torch, a locked door with the Crown symbol and a corridor leading to a chamber with two pressure plates. After picking up a torch on the lower level, I killed all the nearby Guards and went up the stairs. From there, I went to the room with the two pressure plates. There was a doorway on the other side of the room, but it was unreachable. The only way to get to it was to stand on either one of the pressure plates, making a platform rise for a few seconds, enough time to get to the doorway. It led to a small chamber with a hole in the middle (with lava inside and with a pillar coming out of it) and a lever. Pulling the lever lowered the pillar and made a part of the wall on the other side of the room slide, revealing a stone rune resembling a gauntlet. I took it.

I went to the extinguished torch and lit it, which made the wall next to the torch slide, revealing a passage leading to a platform with a notch. I put the stone rune in the notch, which made the door with the Crown symbol open. I went through the corridor behind it, avoiding several blade traps on the way. The corridor led to a chamber with three sets of stairs, two of them leading up. I went down the stairs and into a large room where I fought four Guards and found a strength potion, two health potions and a bag of gold. There was a passage on the side of the room opposite the entrance leading to a room with lava, but it was currently unreachable. There was also a balcony with a lever. I went back to the room with the three sets of stairs and this time went up. They led to a corridor with ropes on both sides, ropes leading up to another corridor. I went up one of the ropes and then I went down stairs leading to the balcony with the lever.

Pulling the lever made a platform in the large room rise to the level of the unreachable corridor. Which made it a reachable corridor. I went through it, fighting three Guards in it. At the end of the corridor was a chamber with lava, four pillars (one of which had fallen and served as a bridge over a lava river) and a Guard. There was a locked door on the other side of the chamber which had the Crown symbol. After defeating the Guard, I went over the fallen pillar and through the corridor on the other side of the river. There were holes with lava in the corridor, but I managed to jump over them. After picking up three weights in the small room at the end of the corridor, I went through a corridor with lots of pressure plates. Stepping on a pressure plate when no pressure was being applied to the pressure plate behind it made blades come out of the left wall – Deadly ones. Three of the pressure plates had the symbol of the locked door on the other side of the corridor on them, while the others did not. I had to put the 3 weights on these three pressure plates to make the door open and the traps deactivate. Behind the door I found a small pedestal with a key.

I used the key to open the locked door in the room with the lava and pillars. The corridor behind the door had blade traps, but I got to the other side in one piece. The room on the other side was empty, so I went through an archway that led to a large circular chamber.

The room had many levels. I was on the top one. There was a huge wooden column in the center of the chamber. I pushed the panel near the column, which made the lower sections rotate. First section started rotating counterclockwise, the second started rotating clockwise, the third started rotating counterclockwise and the fourth started rotating clockwise. I jumped into the first section, where I avoided several blades attached to walls and went through a corridor leading to the second section. I then jumped down to the third section, where I found and pulled a lever that opened up a corridor nearby. I went through it and it led to the bottom of the large room. Here I found a tunnel that led to the Treasure Vaults. The first chamber of the Treasure Vaults contained a lot of gold and had an unlit brazier in the middle. There were locked wooden doors on the other side of the chamber.

Once I was inside the Treasure Vaults, a cutscene started. Cyrus walked towards the wooden doors. The Dragon, which was on the platform above the doors through which Cyrus had entered the room, spoke.

Dragon: Grrrrrrr —

Cyrus: What’s this?

Cyrus turned towards the Dragon. The Dragon closed the doors that Cyrus came through.

Nafaalilargus: A little privacy.

The Dragon lit some candles.

Nafaalilargus: A little candlelight. And the pleasantries begin. My name is Nafaalilargus.

Cyrus: So you’re Richton’s pet, then?

Nafaalilargus: You wound me. Richton’s pet is that dark little thing with the poisoned splinters. I am Tiber Septim’s proud Soldier, loyal Vassal, a jewel of the crown. It’s not my fault I have to keep company with the Governor.

Cyrus: You have something I need, Dragon.

The soulgem was right in front of the Dragon.

Nafaalilargus: I shan’t lie to you, good stranger, my Imperial loyalty is indeed well paid for. We aren’t very different, I would venture. You seem the Mercenary sort, too. So you’ll understand — — If I do not readily agree to part with my latest reward.

The Dragon lit the brazier. Cyrus took out his sword.

Cyrus: Maybe we can bargain for it.

Nafaalilargus: I so do love mortal fantasy. I’ll play along: what will you give me for the soul of Prince A’Tor?

Cyrus: I’ll spell your name right on your tombstone.

The cutscene ended and the fight with the Dragon began. The Dragon came down from his platform and tried to attack me. I dodged his attacks and tried to attack him, but I didn’t harm him at all. I decided to put my sword in the flames of the brazier and attack him with the sword thus heated. After a few hits, the Dragon died. I took as much gold from the Treasure Vaults as I could, after which I took the soulgem and left the Catacombs through the wooden doors, which I could now open.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Slew Dragon. Recovered soulgem. Escaped Catacombs.

As soon as I left the Catacombs, a cutscene started that took place in a large room in the Palace (the same large room in which the former escape cutscene took place). Richton approached an Imperial Guard.

Richton: Dead.

Palace Guard: Aye, milord. The Dragon is dead.

Richton: And he’s alive.

Palace Guard: We are not sure it was the Redguard, milord —

Richton: Don’t be stupid. That bastard sweats heroism. It could be no one else.

Richton went to the other side of the chamber, near Dram. The Guard left.

Dram: He has the soulgem.

Richton didn’t look at Dram.

Richton: Why do I pay you exactly, Dram?

Dram: For my chilling countenance, of course.

Richton: Leave him to me, you said, and with such confident assurance. I recall being set at ease about the matter. I recall thinking: well, now, at last I can get down to the task of administering this troubled province — But this young man continues to cause us irreparable harm when we can least endure it.

Dram: And now for the good news. Perhaps you remember the vicious group of rabble that’s caused us so much trouble.

Richton turned towards Dram.

Richton: The Restless League!

Dram: Whose Hideout would have remained a mystery if a prematurely dead Redguard had never led me to it. It will take time to assemble an assault party, but I foresee no difficulties in cleaning out the whole League in one well-planned attack.

Richton turned his back to Dram.

Richton: I see. The Emperor warned me never to underestimate the subtlety of your schemes, Dram. Carry on, then. I await your full report.

The cutscene ended and I found myself to the north of the Palace. I went straight to Saban.

Cyrus: Saban, I need your help with this soulgem.

Cyrus took out the soulgem and showed it to her.

Saban: Bateki dey nogro nung.

Coyle: Do you have a body?

Cyrus: This soul is Prince A’Tor’s. I have his body.

Coyle: Is it ready?

Cyrus: Yes. It’s at the Temple.

Coyle: Duadra Tuwhacca bologra, sen dogo Arkay.

Saban: Mmm —

Cyrus: Don’t worry. I can sneak your mother past the Guards.

Coyle: I’m going, too!

Cyrus: No. I need you to get the League.

Coyle: Really!?

Cyrus: Yes, but we have to hurry. Go to the Lighthouse and signal for them. Tell them it’s revolution time.

Coyle: What’s the signal?

Cyrus: On, on, flash.

Coyle: I can’t understand any of that, Cyrus!

Cyrus: Just kidding. I’ll tell you on the way. Tell your mother the plan.

Coyle: Sanzhanga betekti Tuwhacca, no-hi, do nogo duptra League, den sogat kulogo…

A movie started. It was evening. Cyrus was shown entering the Temple together with Saban. An Imperial Guard was shown walking nearby without having noticed anything suspicious. Inside, Brother Nidal pointed towards the altar. Cyrus and Saban approached the altar. Cyrus and Nidal opened the altar, revealing A’Tor’s body. A’Tor’s hands were holding his sword.

Saban: Tro dura-hi. Go Tuwhacca. Nogo Tuwhacca.

While Saban was chanting, the League were shown coming to Stros M’Kai.

Saban: Shami. Shami. Go kukri.

The League were shown entering the city. Basil was shown sneaking behind a Guard in the Plaza and slitting his throat.

Saban: Nogoh. Ngaro. Tuktura. Nogoh. Shami! Shami! Shami! Shami!

League members and Coyle, but not Basil, entered the Temple.

Saban: Go kukri nogoh! Ngaro! Tuktura!

Coyle approached his mother.

Saban: Nogo go Tuwhacca.

Basil entered the Temple as well. The League watched without speaking.

Saban: Nogo Tuwhacca. Shami. Beteki matana, Sura.

Coyle: The soulgem.

Cyrus took out the soulgem and waited for Saban to take it. But Saban used magic to make it float. Saban used a spell to remove the gem from its casing, after which she made the soulgem float above A’Tor’s body.

Saban: Tro dura-hi!

Coyle: The ring.

Cyrus gave Saban Voa’s ring. Saban hit the soulgem with her staff and it shattered. She then used Voa’s ring to remove the stasis field.

Saban: To-trang no mo.

Coyle approached. Exhausted, Saban fell, but grabbed onto an edge of the altar. Coyle and Saban went to the entrance of the Temple. Cyrus stayed near the altar as the soul hovered above A’Tor’s body.

Saban: To-trang no mo.

Cyrus looked inside the altar.

Basil: What is it? Did it work?

Saban: A’Tor no mangai, Sura.

Coyle: I’m sorry, Cyrus.

Basil approached the altar.

Basil: What’s wrong? What happened? What did you do wrong!?

Basil was shouting at Cyrus.

Coyle: It didn’t work.

Basil turned towards Cyrus again.

Basil: What now, Redguard!?

Basil hit the altar with his fist. A bright light appeared and Basil was knocked down.

Cyrus: The sword…

Saban: Uta-teni.

Basil went near his men.

Cyrus: …His soul is in the sword.

Coyle: Mother…?

Cyrus: How did this happen?

Saban: A’Tor no mangai, Sura.

Coyle: She doesn’t know. It was —

Basil: Who cares how it happened? It’s over, Cyrus. We can’t follow a sword. You’ve failed us. We are through.

The League members were heading out of the Temple when Cyrus raised up the sword and turned towards Basil.

Cyrus: Is this how you will honor your Prince then? Cautious I’ve thought you, Basil, but never before a coward.

Basil stopped.

Cyrus: We all have waited for the Prince’s return. Now that he has returned, you walk away.

The League members turned towards Cyrus.

Cyrus: The form is different, true, but his spirit is here. Here. And isn’t his spirit the truest part of him? Did it occur that maybe he chose this shape and symbol as the sign of his intentions?

Basil turned towards Cyrus.

Cyrus: Aye, perhaps that soul, in hated delay, snared helpless in a jewel while his men hid and shirked their duties, his duty, perhaps that soul honed itself to this and by no mistake comes to you now, in no more fine and final form as this, a sword. You say you cannot follow a sword? Well, I say that you have strayed from your own too long! Why are you here but to FIGHT? Your Prince has shown you the manner of his purest mettle, AYE! In metal itself! And this true unerring razor’s message is clear beyond words, for now’s not the time for words, but for brave hands, bright swords, and blood. Aye, boys, it’s about blood now! Too long frozen in your veins! And you’d rather yourself be rigid than follow me. Well, if you won’t, then shamefully know that your Prince will! For his blood be solid, too, but straightened to steel and tempered in death! Rise alike as he! As swords! As we are Crowns alike as he!

Cyrus hit the altar with the sword.

Cyrus: The Prince is dead! Long live the Prince!

The League members started cheering.

Basil: What shall we do?

Cyrus approached them.

Cyrus: You shall secure the harbor, we can’t have any more of them coming in. Once that’s done, take it to the Imperials still left on the water. When they see the harbor is ours again they will make sail for the mainland.

Iszara put her hand on Cyrus’ left shoulder.

Iszara: What about you?

Cyrus: I’m going into the Palace to kill the Governor.

Iszara: You can’t do that alone. How will you get in?

Cyrus: I won’t be alone. And the Prince shares secrets.

Coyle: Let me come with you, Cyrus.

Iszara: And you aren’t going without me.

Cyrus: No, you help Basil and the League take the Harbor. If we storm the Palace Richton and his men will dig in. It has to end now. With the League running amok in the water, the Palace will be near empty as they try and stop you. I’ll reach Richton easy and remind him whose seat is the throne of Stros M’Kai.

Iszara: They will hear of this in the rest of Hammerfell.

Cyrus gave his old sword to Iszara.

Cyrus: Then let’s make sure it’s loud.

Cyrus went to a secret entrance to the Palace, which A’Tor told him about. Waving the sword in front of the door made the door open. Cyrus went inside and the movie ended.

Next, I would fight Dram and Richton and defeat them.

But that is a tale for the next part of the Redguard Storyline.

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