From the records of Kahanad al-Hegathe

Author: Kahanad al-Hegathe
Released In:

My sojourn has only just begun, and already trials present themselves to my blade. The merchant ship I travel with took to port at the island of Betnikh after a fierce storm damaged the rigging, and I hardly set foot onto the docks when I heard of trouble with giant flying insects. Eager to challenge myself against a new foe, I set off right away into the woods to seek them and aid the people of this island. This land seems much softer than what I am used to in Hammerfell, with its lush forest and cool breezes, but I must remember my training and stay on my guard. This will be but the first of many challenges. If I truly wish to master the ways of the blade, I must study, practice, and seek new foes to test myself against, just as Frandar Hunding teaches us.

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