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Recommend some Sci-Fi

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I don't think an author who writes science fiction would be happy to see his books tagged "fantasy".

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ladyonthemoon wrote:

I don't think an author who writes science fiction would be happy to see his books tagged "fantasy".

"That the term 'science fiction' is a misnomer, that trying to get two enthusiasts to agree on a definition of it leads only to bloody knuckles; that better labels have been devised (Heinlein's suggestion, 'speculative fiction', is the best, I think), but that we're stuck with this one; and that it will do us no particular harm if we remember that, like 'The Saturday Evening Post', it means what we point to when we say it." -David Knight, talking about his assumptions in using the term science fiction.

There is a reason most people use the term "speculative fiction" rather than trying to delineate. Anyway, this is tedious, and I gave the required caveats on my recommendations. I prefer crossover and character-based stories rather than hard sci fi. To each her own.

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I have another one; Virus. A 1999 Sci-Fi Horror film where an electromagnetic life form from space takes control of a Russian Communique ship, and brutally transforms the bodies of the survivors and the dead into cyborgs. Critics didn't like it, but it was near the top of the Box Office. I personally thought it was ok.

Also, A Boy and His Dog. A really good 1975 Post-Apocalyptic  Sci-Fi film. A boy and his telepathic dog roam the post-apocalyptic wasteland. I won't say any more about it because I don't want to ruin it  ;D

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The Long Tomorrow

I listened to Wagner, Pair of Arrows, Arkhaion, and Led Zep for mood. 

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YH wrote:

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura


Yes, yes, and yes! It took me a while to get into Arcanum, but once I got used to the interface, it was golden! I was particularly fond of the tech vs. magic dichotomy. It was very well one, IMO.

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Sorry for the threadomancy here, I saw Iain M Banks' Culture series mentioned and these are indeed essential reading for any sci-fi fan. 

I would also like to recommend Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth universe for anyone who likes epic space opera with *really* alien aliens, galactic exploration, the progress of technology (such as human modification, cloning, faster than light travel, wormholes), believable characters, some humourous moments and ridiculously OP super weapons - all in an overarching story that spans millennia.

HTH :)