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King Edward, Part XII

The dragon had paused, so Edward interjected, “Mother and I have been discussing the nature of the gods recently, Akatosh, and she thinks that poetry would be a godly activity. What do you think about that notion?” “I am not so certain that one can attribute anything to the gods, Edward. They are another example

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King Edward, Part XI

The Companions stayed the night at a crude but comfortable inn at a tiny village that called itself Raven Spring, located in the foothills of the Wrothgarian Mountains. The next morning they resumed their journey eastward, moving through rolling hills towards the Skyrim and Hammerfell borders, and camping the next two nights under clear early

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King Edward, Part X

Chapter 10: Josea and Lucky, Part II Mats continued his story of Lucky and Josea. * * * * * * * * The years passed, twenty of them. More children came. Timmy took a bride. The land continued to prosper. Few died, so there were many people now, and much of the forest was

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King Edward, Part IX

Chapter 9: Luck Edward knelt behind Moraelyn, leaning over his shoulder so that he could see the cards the elf held. He was sitting away from the fire, so it was dark for human eyes, but Moraelyn was the only one of the group who would allow Edward to see his hand. The other players,

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King Edward, Part VIII

Chapter 8: Wilderland The journey through Valenwood was pleasant. The weather held fair for the most part, with sunny days and cool nights. Bright leaves of scarlet, crimson, gold and green drifted down to form a carpet beneath their horses’ feet. Valenwood was very different from the somber, steep forests of High Rock. When they

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King Edward, Part VII

Chapter 7: Dragon “So you saw a demon? And killed a rat with Tooth? That’s a fine ebony dagger, Tooth is. They’re rare so you want to take real good care of it,” Mith said. “I can’t tell you about the blade except it came from Moraelyn’s father. It’s the one his brother sent him

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King Edward, Part VI

Chapter 6: Training The day Edward was to leave the Archmagister summoned him, presented him with a mithril staff and bade him farewell. Back in his small cell Edward removed his novitiate robe and donned the grey shirt, black pants and red sash he’d worn to the Tower. He fingered the sash lovingly. His mother

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King Edward, Part V

Chapter 5: In the Crystal Tower Inside the Tower, Edward’s first impression was of whiteness. Floors, walls, ceiling, all were white and radiated light. Their footsteps made soft crunching noises on the rough floor surface. Except for that, it was very still, with occasional soft, unrecognizable far-off sounds. Moraelyn moved confidently through winding halls and

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King Edward, Part IV

Chapter 4: Stories Edward faced his mother defiantly. “I’m not sick and I’m not a baby. I can stay here by myself. I don’t need Mith.” There was a dangerous glint in Moraelyn’s eyes. Aliera’s lips thinned. “You will mind him, Edward.” “Yes, madam,” Edward said sulkily. “Come on, wife. Mith knows how to deal

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