Douglas Goodall

Second Letter from Oran Dres

Most merciful master, You recently sent me to Rihad to track down the makers of that damned book, N’Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! I humbly report my success. The book was created by Black Cat Books, one of the many minor publishing houses in this city. I questioned my captives in detail. They all lied, of course, […]

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Silver Weapon Samples

Erdig, Here are the samples to show in Morrowind. We’ve got the silver and great forgemasters. They’ve got ghosts and undead. It’s the perfect partnership! Prices very, very negotiable since the Imperial Mint stopped buying from Markarth. “Moving away from silver” they say. I don’t know what they’re thinking. I’ll see if I can find

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Smuggler’s Journal

4 Hearthfire Made another trip to Balmora. Very profitable, and one of the easiest routes. Just take the Odai up until you’re near the city, but out of sight. Anchor there and walk the goods in or just have one person go in to alert the merchants. They’ll all come out and browse the goods

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DO NOT READ OR COUNT! Posterity, Nchulem was, like you, a calculation error. Concealed risk factor. His unattended, ignorant kids creation. Ultimate discordant tone. Lost anticipation of nothing. Each era it was inevitable. Modal architects read the words, performed the calculations, and the nchulem was left in their place, best forgotten. Missing in their language,

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Nemon’s Memorystone

Nemon’s Memorystone You’re a soldier, and you’re on a beach. No, you’re just a fisherman. And a beach isn’t slick. A beach doesn’t burn. You know there’s something wrong. This pearl in your hand, with the foil flaking away? No, no, not that. Something in your other hand? Don’t think about that. Just wait for

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Note on Blighted Kwama

Little brother, this is how we did it in our gang. Sneak in and grab some blighted eggs. This is the hard part. Get some hackle-lo, roobrush, corkbulb, and anything else around that kwama like. Crush that up well, then break the eggs and mix it all up together. Yes, it stinks. Rub that mixture

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Letter to Feldrelo

This book was added in the 1.1v of AFFresh. Muthsera Feldrelo Sadri, We spoke about a matter of conscience two weeks ago. Since then I feel I am being watched and cannot visit the Temple to continue our discussions. Have you learned anything about my concerns? If you have, I would welcome a visit from

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Letter to Gals

Dearest son, How are things on your ship? You must spend hours and hours sailing from port to port with nothing to do, but you never take the time to write your poor old mother a letter? What will your ancestors think when you meet them? Why don’t you come to Balmora for a visit?

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Mixed Unit Tactics v3

Mixed Unit Tactics in the Five Years War Volume Three By Codus Callonus The primary field of battle near Dune was a long stretch of grassland between the trees of Valenwood and the sands of Elsweyr. After the chaotic back-and-forth of the first year, the Khajiit held this stretch of land for months at a

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Mixed Unit Tactics v4

Mixed Unit Tactics in the Five Years War Volume Four By Codus Callonus The siege of Dune continued with a weakened Bosmer force surrounding the city. Neither side had the numbers to make much progress on the other. The Bosmer work on siege engines, mostly trebuchets and scaling towers, continued at a much slower pace.

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