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Boil a dozen ash yams in water in a large cooking pot. When nearly softened, remove and add enough wickwheat to absorb the remaining water and wait for the wickwheat to cook. Remove from heat. Add five large scoops of scuttle and stir until melted. Often served with scrib jerky or strips of well done […]

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Yam Chips

Skin and slice a half dozen yams as thin as you can. Cut some hound meat into strips. Cut some hackle-lo into strips. Scramble one kwama egg and dip the yam slices and hackle-lo into the egg. Heat a cooking pan or pot very, very hot. Lay the slices of yams on the pot until

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Two Rat Recipes

Crispy Rat, Vivec Style There are several ways to make rats palatable, but one of the best is simply to cook it at high heat and add some spice. If you’re eating rat, you can’t spare anything, so there are two recipes here. One for the best, relatively speaking, meat and one to use the

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Sweet, Sweet Shalk Stalks

Make sure you are not near any guards and build a fire. Crush one fifth measure of moon sugar (one measure is as much as makes the usual bottle of skooma), one measure of shalk resin (as much as comes from one shalk), and one handful of wickwheat flour into a delicious paste. Slice open

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Slaughterfish Steak

It is a common belief that slaughterfish are disgusting, poisonous, and should not be eaten. This is broadly true, but there is a way to cook them safely. First, catch a slaughterfish. This is easy. Just wade out into any large body of water and wait a little while. If you’re impatient, maybe prick your

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Sick Soup

This isn’t the best tasting soup, but it sure clears your head up when you’re sick, and I always miss how my mom used to make it. First you need two pots of boiling water. It’s very important to use two pots, and get the water boiling in both before adding anything. In the first

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Merrowed Yams

Strip the bark from ten handfuls of merrow stalks and scoop the pulp into a large cooking pot. Add a couple fingers of water and boil until it thickens and begins to darken (half a day). When it darkens, lower fire or raise pot to keep warm. Strip the skin of one dozen ash yams

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Mudcrab in the Shell

This is a fine recipe to use when you’re camping near a lake or the sea, as most of the ingredients are likely nearby, and you won’t even need a bowl. Ideally, you need a strong drink, such as flin, greef, or shein, or sujamma. Pick some kresh fibers, just a single stalk is enough.

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Pucker and Squeak

Beat two small kwama eggs until smooth and put in an open cooking bowl Stir in a dozen netch suckers Stir in a dozen scathecraw innards Stir in two scoops of scrib jelly Stir in a scoop of scuttle Stir in a scoop of marshmerrow syrup Stir in a little water until its not too

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Skin five large, fresh slaughterfish. Try to keep large sheets of scales intact. Discard the rest of the fish. Lay the scales outside to dry on a rack or put them in a warm oven after the fire has been out awhile. Once fully dry, place the scales on a hot pan or rock until

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