AFFresh: Ra’virr’s Proposal

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This quest was added in the 1.1v of AFFresh.

While visiting Balmora the Player can visit Ra'Virr's shop and upon his second visit will be asked a favor.



Welcome again to my shop. Before we barter, Ra'virr needs someone to deliver a message to Tsiya. Ra'virr will pay, of course.

Message to Tsiya: Ra'virr wishes to deliver a letter and an amulet to Tsiya. Ra'virr would go, but there is tradition. And Ra'virr fears the words would not come. Will you deliver the letter? If Ra'virr is not mistaken, you will have to read it to Tsiya.

-Not right now: The Ra'virr will search for another.

-Agree to deliver the letter: Then take this amulet. And this letter. Tsiya is here in Balmora, near the silt strider, just behind the Council Club.

Asking again: Have you delivered it?


The player visits Tsiya and attempts to deliver the message.



Message to Tsiya: Ra'virr has a message for me? Oh no, no. Tsiya knows what this is. Or Tsiya hopes and fears what it is. Tsiya cannot read so tell Ra'virr that Tsiya must decline.

-Read the letter to her: Oh, this makes Tsiya fur stand up. Ra'virr knows Tsiya too well, but Ra'virr is all ears. Tsiya accepts the amulet. Go and tell Ra'virr…tell Ra'virr nothing. Now Tsiya must think of things that are hard enough to prove Ra'virr's intent, but not so hard Ra'virr may fail.


The player returns to Ra'virr to report what has occurred.



And? Did you deliver the message to Tsiya? Did she…did she give any message in response?

Message to Tsiya: She kept the amulet? Oh, this is wonderful news. Please, take this payment. And Ra'virr is in such an uptail mood. Please take this extra payment.

Asking again: Ra'virr smiles for the troubles are only beginning. Tsiya's challenges must be beaten or evaded. Then Ra'virr must prepare to chase the little ones and let them climb Ra'virr's back.


Perhaps there is a chance for Khajiit love in Balmora after all.




Alternatively the Player can decline to read the letter to Tsiya.



-Return to Ra'virr: Yes, yes, that is for the best. Tsiya is no good for Ra'virr.


The player will return to Ra'virr to either report she can't read or not say anything.



Oh, no, you return with the amulet. Did Tsiya say why?

-Say she can't read: Then Ra'virr begs you, go back to Tsiya and read the letter.

-Don't say anything: Ah, var var var. Ra'virr thanks you and pays you as promised.

Asking again: Ra'virr must wait for another or for another time.


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