Ra’Virr’s Letter to Tsiya

Author: Ra'Virr
Released In:

This book was added in the 1.1v of AFFresh.
Dras'kay Tsiya,

Ra'virr hopes you are well and that you will listen to the bearer of this letter and give them a message if you decide one is required. In the best mix of traditions, please accept this amulet. Like Ra'viir, it may not look like much, but try it on and be amazed.

Ra'virr knows your heart so well, Ra'virr expects three objections and answers them:

Ra'virr seems but a poor shopkeeper, but like the amulet, appearances may deceive. Come to Ra'virr's shop and ask Ra'virr to face and tail if Ra'virr has enough for two or five or ten.

Yes, like many far from home, you like sweets too much. Before Ra'virr worked hard to earn the gold to bribe Hlaalu for a shop license, Ra'viir was a great eater and drinker of the sweet. But Ra'virr is no longer a great lover of sweets, and Ra'virr offers everything to help Tsiya with this. Ra'virr knows what it is like. Ra'virr knows what you have done for it. And Ra'virr is all ears, no claws.

Yes, there are few Khajiit here in Balmora, but Ra'virr is not making this offer out of convenience or desperation. If that were Ra'virr's motive, would not Ra'virr easily buy a slave? Ra'virr makes this offer to you and only you.

If you doubt Ra'virr, by all means, give this courier the traditional response. If not, Ra'virr welcomes your challenges.

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