Ra’khajin’s Journal, Page 3

Author (in-game): Ra'khajin

I always knew that I was destined for great things. While my peers sat and prayed for Alkosh’s divine grace, I was a beacon of it. A champion of his natural order. Born under eclipsed Moons, born for greatness.

I am a warrior of the Pride of Alkosh.

But the Clan Mother warns me that a danger lurks in my blood. The Moons call to me stronger than all others, but I must strengthen my will to resist that call. I cannot allow the darkness of Lorkhaj to darken my heart, as it once darkened the heart of our blessed founder.

But I do not fear such darkness. My resolve is strong, my cause is just. I shall learn all I can from the Moon-Priests of Pridehome. Then I shall await my time to protect Elsweyr. As is my duty. As is my birthright.

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