Ra’khajin’s Journal, Page 12

Author (in-game): Ra'khajin

I begin to find my studies tiresome. The same verses, repeated by the same voices. They wish for Alkosh’s wisdom to collect in my heart like sand at the bottom of an hourglass, but they do not understand. It already has! From the first moment I learned of my destiny, I accepted it!

But the Clan Mother does not trust my words. She looks upon me with troubled eyes and continues her sermons.

To be honest, I feel her words border on condescension. She still sees me as the sobbing cub who entered her temple all those years ago, and I fear she will never see me as the proud warrior I have become.

Will the Clan Mother ever fully trust me with the secrets my birthrights entitle me to?

I must reach her and make her understand. Force her to understand that I am now more than the cub she raised. I am a warrior, a champion of Alkosh. And she must treat me as such.

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