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Questions Concerning Souls and Spirits

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In my fan-fiction, the Dragonborn is an old man who give his Dragonborn abilitys (I.E. his soul) to his Son, who then goes to Skyrim etc... (Skyrim storyline)

1. Is it possible for the dragonborn to give his dragonborn abilitys/ his soul to someone else? If so, how would it be possible?

(I was thinking it may be possible through some kind of Dwemer artifact or something along those lines)

In another part, the Dragonborn becomes a werewolf. Then, later on, his Beast Spirit slowly starts to feed off of, (or absorb) the dragon souls that the Dragonborn has been collecting in order to make itself stronger. Eventually it spreads its spirit to the Dragonborn's armor, therefor making the Dragonborn's helmet and mace cursed with certain enchantments.

2. Is it possible for the Beast Spirit to get stronger to a point where it places parts of the Beast spirit into objects? 

(kind of like those Horcrux things from the Harry Potter series, only with a Beast Spirit absorbing the Dragonborn's captured dragon souls)

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One of the primary sources for Dragonborn lore so far, I think:


I don't think it would be possible for a father to pass his ability, being Dragonborn, which is described as a 'blessing of Akatosh'; to his son in that regard. The Emperors of Cyrod are kind of a unique situation but just read the text, as it kind of explains the confusion/complexity of the matter.

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What if someone were to replace their own blood with Uriel Septims blood? Would this "someone" become Dragonborn.

-What is required to become a dragonborn?

-Can you become a dragonborn without being born a dragonborn?

-Is it possible to become a dragonborn without being chosen by Akatosh or any of the gods?

-Is it Logical for a Argonian to be born a dragonborn? (with the Hist and all...)

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 Remember as well that "Dragonborn" may be a mistranslation. DOV AH KIIN. Dragon-Hunter-Born, in human idiom "Born Dragon-hunter." 

It is more a spiritual state than a biological one, which is why anyone could be one regardless of race and origin. You can be born one, which it is implied the Skyrim main character may have been, or you can become one by acting like one, fake it until even the world/the gods can't tell the difference. So having a transfusion would do nothing. Here "blood" is mostly symbolic rather than literal.