TES Legends: Introduction

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 The Elder Scrolls show us what was, and what yet will be.

...and they have revealed much to me.


Spare us your stories, old man, unless they can sharpen spears. Our warchief is dying. Our enemies are massing for another attack. We must prepare for battle.


We should go, Kellen. We have the scroll we came for. This one smells blood in the wind.


Patience Nagh, I have words yet to speak here.


Stories can do surprising things, spearmaiden, whether they are true or not. And this is one you should hear. It comes from the Great War that nearly ended the empire.

It began when the High Elves slaughtered every Imperial Blade.

Calling themselves the new Aldmeri Dominion, they and their allies swept through the land.

...even capturing the Imperial City itself.


The emperor fled north, leaving Cyrodiil to the invaders.

This is the story of a forgotten hero who changed the very course of history.


Bring me a warrior with strength and courage.

That Nord looks adequate. Bring the mortal forth.

And for his opponent...

That one!

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