TES2 Daggerfall: Privateer’s Hold

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After a supernaturally strong storm, you are washed ashore. You wake up in a cave called Privateer's Hold (which, incidentally, is few miles away from the shoreline). Immediately after you make your way out of the cave, Lady Brisienna, an agent of the Emperor, contacts you and suggests that you speak to the royal houses of Daggerfall, Sentinel and Wayrest.

It happens so that these noble families are more than eager to contact you back; in fact, they actively solicit cooperation. Princess Morgiah of Wayrest sends you the following letter:

Dear Qwerty,

My eyes and ears abroad say that you are interested in the fate of a certain letter. Any emperor should not be so careless, nor should a queen. You really should come visit me in Castle Wayrest. I have some most interesting tidbits that I am sure you would enjoy hearing.

— Morgiah
Princess of Wayrest

Prince Lhuton has also sent you a letter:


Greetings and salutations. I hope your trip was uneventful. They say that you are keenly interested in the haunting of Daggerfall. My father and King Lysandus were somewhat close. Should you come visit me, I might be able to shed some light upon recent events involving Lysandus.

Prince Lhotun,
Castle Sentinel

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