Private Papers of Galur Rithari, Buoyant Armiger [Creation Club]

Released In:
Author (in-game): Galur Rithari

Librarian Note:

Book added by Vigil Enforcer Armor Set from the Creation Club. Part of this book is faded with letters erased. The missing part can be seen in the TES3: Morrowind version of the book.

Outnumbered and isolated, I yielded to my foe. The creature dressed like a gentleman, and I hoped for honorable treatment. Instead, I found myself a feast for a blood-drinking monster.

Shamed by my corruption, and despairing of my own welfare, I passively acquiesced in my gradual integration into the affairs of Clan Aundae. I made no human my prey, only beasts, and kept myself apart from the other clankin; nonetheless, I abandoned hope and lived like a beast.

Drawn by intimations of my former life, I visited my former post at Bal Ur, hoping perhaps to atone in some for my crimes by preying upon its monsters, or perishing under their attacks. It is there that, by chance, I made petition to the Lord of Troubles, Molag Bal, at an altar deep in the caverns beneath the pilgrim’s shrine. I was surprised, and thrilled, and terrified, when Molag Bal, or some aspect or agent of that Daedra Lord, offered me a chance to cure myself of vampirism, in return for a favor. However, with no hope for my soul or spirit unless I might be cured, I undertook his quest.

F r ma ns I so ght t e r ic, tr ng de i to the c rns of Da h Ur. er m y t ls I fi lly ined i d re ed to the ae ric rin e’s sh in Bal Ur.

I placed the gem within the basin before the altar, and instantly experienced a blinding of pain and terror that I cannot express in words, except that it seemed afterward that I had been asleep and dreaming that I was being sliced by thousands of tiny knives from my bowels inside out. I awoke before the altar, and gazed in the reflection of my own sword blade at my own face – no longer a blood-seeking beast of teeth and empty eyes.

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