Priest Arthamis’ Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Priest Arthamis

This book was included in Ghost of The Tribunal from the Creation Club

The Matriarch does not speak of what remains locked behind the gate. She says our way is to serve the Goddess and the Tribunal.

But Erden was right. The artifact speaks to us. I feel its heartbeat rattling in my head like a loose rock. Rattle, rattle, rattle. A curious song. Not a heart of blood, but stone.

Yet the gate remains for all intents and purposes, impenetrable. I see no levers or chains. No secret buttons under the display cases.

There is nothing here save a few broken pillars and the mannequins. In fact, I grew so weary of their stares I covered their faces with masks. It was not until that moment that the solution came to me.

What if the mannequins themselves are the key? Three faces, and three masks. A Tribunal. But which mask goes on which face?

When memory fails, I go to the sculptor’s room, and pray at the shrines so that I can match blessing to symbol. I feel now I can solve the puzzle, but without the masks, it is useless.

Erden hates it when I worry. He tells me to be patient, that masks or not, our master will show us the way. I have no choice but to believe.

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