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Lawrence Schick's Posts from 2016


Are Stranglers & Dryads exempt from the Green Pact if they display aggression toward a Bosmer? (01/15/16)

The Spinner Sandaerion says, “You love your child, but if he misbehaves, do you not punish him? It is even so with the Green. We love our foliage friends, but wrong behavior must be punished.”

Do mead brewers also hold the title of marriage counselors in Nordic society? (01/15/16)

Rigurt the Brash says, “Every Nord is a marriage counselor once you pour enough mead into him!”

In Jackdaw Cove, there is a Glenmoril Wyrd Breton (Wyress Rashan) who has taken wolf form (not werewolf.) Could you explain the lore behind this? (01/15/16)

Lady Cinnabar of Taneth says, “The Glenmoril Wyresses are deep in the mysteries of Hircine, and are known to have access to beast-form magic unavailable to more ‘civilized’ mages.”

Early promotional materials mentioned that Queen Ayrenn "suffered personally at the hands of Abnur Tharn," but that isn't followed up in game. What happened? (01/15/16)

Aicantar of Shimmerene says, “Since the ascension of our queen to the Throne of Alinor, it is inappropriate to delve too deeply into indignities she might have suffered before her coronation. But rest assured that all is known, and nothing is forgotten.”

What are Lustrants?  (01/15/16)

Doctor Rhythandius says, “As I understand it, ‘Lustrant’ is a term used by Molag Bal’s Dremora minions to refer to the followers of Meridia—that is, when they’re not calling them ‘Glow ***.’”

Can a female Orc warchief have multiple wives and/or multiple husbands? (01/15/16)

Curator Umutha of the House of Orsimer Glories says, “The situation you describe is not unheard-of, but marriage traditions vary from clan to clan, and have even been known to change over time. Orcish cultural institutions are ancient and strong, but history is rife with occasions when powerful chiefs bent the rules to suit their own wills.”