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Porliss Caith


Appeared in: TEST: Shadowkey.

An Argonian councilor of Dragonstar. During the War of Bend'r-mahk, Dragonstar city was suffered the most. Skyrim forces under the lead of General Duvais had captured the eastern part of the city, while the Hammerfell forces were defending the west. Porliss Caith worked to destroy Skyrim foothold of Dragonstar. He asked the hero of Azra's Crossing to do some errands for him. He asked the hero to infiltrate Lakvan's Stronghold to recover the prove of Imperial backing to Skyrim, then he asked the hero to establish underground connection to the Thieves Guild in the Dragonstar East. His final request was to assassinate General Duvais himself. The hero finished all Porliss Caith's quests. By assassinating General Duvais, the Hammerfell resistance can breathe a little easier, although Dragonstar East is still under Skyrim's rule to these days.