Please Read Aloud

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Bloodchill Manor from the Creation Club

If you are reading this, I am dead, and so, you will have to hear my toast in spirit.

Of course, a little business first. As I have no living heirs, I have decided the manor will be bequeathed to you. Provided, you finish this last meal.

As you know, I have always loved dinner parties. And so, for my final dinner, I’ve decided to have a few friends over.

Verin, you and I shared a long and fruitful business partnership, but you altered the books to give yourself a larger cut. Don’t think I didn’t notice.

Marina, you were my first love, but also, my first mistake. For your love was not mine alone, and for that, I never forgot.

Igrit, you were my ward, and in some ways, I considered you a daughter. But a daughter does not plot to steal an inheritance. So I will teach you this lesson as a father would.

Leyathil, we fought in the war together, and our bond is in many ways sacred. Yet I know the horrors you committed to survive, and while I dismissed it then, I cannot now.

Galtius, my old Imperial friend, who used to drink wine with me at the Surilie Brothers vineyard in Skingrad. One night, you drank too much, and saw fit to insult my family. I told you I forgave you, as you were drunk. I did not.

Lastly, [Player Name]. We have never met. I’ve brought you here on a whim. You are here as a wild card. A chance to change the fates of my friends. Or, to revel in it. Much like my fate in the next world, it’s far more exciting, you see, if the future is unknown.

And with that said, drinks are served.

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