Pit Fighter’s Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This book was included in Bittercup from the Creation Club

A hag handed me this cup, saying it would bring out the best and the worst in me. I wasn’t sure about that part, but I do like shiny clink, so I took it off her hands.

Besides, I think this hag was half blind and fully empty in the head. This wasn’t no cup. It looks more like a trophy to me.

So I got to thinking, being the idea guy that I am, if some pit dog goes through all the trouble of becoming champion, we should give them this cup, with a ceremony and a feast and such. Maybe even carve their name into it. Then I pitched my idea to the boss, thinking she’d love it.

But instead she got real mad, stomped on my bunions, and made me scrub the privy for even entertaining the idea before taking the cup for herself.

Next thing I know, I’m down in the dungeon, washing a particularly foul smelling bucket, that it hits me again. In order to be the champion, you’d have to kill the boss first. It’s no wonder she was so mad.

I guess the old hag was right after all. Turned out it was the best and worst idea all at once.

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