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Pergan Asuul


Appeared in: TEST: Shadowkey.

He was an evil Shadowmage, a rare order of mages that studies shadows. Somehow the shadows consumed and corrupted him. He tried to manipulate the War of the Bend'r-mahk to nurture the Shadow creature of Umbra'Keth. He was one of the Jagar Tharn's associates.

The hero of Azra's Crossing met him in the first time in Twilight Temple. He was creating a base of his evil minions. The hero defeated him, although he did not die. The hero met him in the second time in Lakvan's Stronghold. This time his body has twisted to an undead form. The hero defeated him again, however like the previous meeting, he did not die. In the Crypt of Heart, the hero finally defeated Pergan Asuul, and destroyed Umbra'Keth.