Peke Utchoo’s Last Words

Released In:
Author (in-game): Peke Utchoo

The final words of a dead man being found near his corpse are so very cliche. I never thought I would be in the position of writing one of them, but the opportunity has arisen, and it seemed the thing to do. The story of my death is very comical indeed. If anyone shall ever find me, I hope I am able to bring them to laughter. For, as I lay here dying, I laugh myself. My last breath shall be the exhale of a laugh.

My journey across Vivec brought me to this well camouflaged cavern. Filled with sea water and dangers, the temptation of adventure and riches lured me inside. Happening across this lost Dwemer dwelling was a surprise indeed! I was able to get this far. I climbed into this tower after my confrontation with a Dwemer centurion. The plan was to heal my wounds and continue forth. With excitement and greed overwhelming me, I mistook my bottle of poison for the healing elixir. Now I lie dying. I drank down the contents of my healing potion, but that did not nullify the effects of the poison. I fear my innards are slowly liquefying. I shall be dead within the day, laughing about my recent lack of luck.

I have with me, the key to a lock I have yet to find. I found the key just inside the main entrance. Perhaps it is the key to the Dwemer riches. For, I will never know.

If one shall happen across my note, congratulations on making it thus far. And do not drink the rest of the bottle here. It tastes like Guar bile, but is 10 times deadlier.

Peke Utchoo

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